Halloween 2020 in New York City: Don’t Cancel, But Be Safe

Halloween 2020 in New York City Don’t Cancel, But Be Safe
Halloween 2020 in New York City: Don’t Cancel, But Be Safe
By: Emaids

If you've been thinking about canceling this year's Halloween celebration in NYC, there's some good news for you. You don't have to take that drastic action. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has come up with workable recommendations that will make it easy and safe to proceed with the much-awaited  Halloween events in NYC.

But before we highlight these recommendations, it’s important to note that the CDC clearly says these recommendations are NOT meant to replace any “local, territorial, state, or tribe health and safety laws” with which all holiday gatherings must comply.

Take note that as you plan to host your holiday celebration, you have to assess the current COVID-19 levels in your location and determine whether to process, postpone, cancel or limit the number of participants. Some of the critical considerations that should guide you in making this decision include:

Community Levels of COVID 19

If the community level is high or where your guests are coming from has an increased incidence of the virus, you will be well-advised to take the most appropriate action.

Location of the gathering

The CDC recommends that whenever possible, outdoor gatherings are better than indoor meetings, especially if the indoor location is poorly ventilated.

Shorter Duration of Gathering

Ensure your gatherings are not extended; the more the number of times people spend together in a community, the higher the chances of spreading the virus.

These are not the only indicators that CDC spells out, but they suffice to show the direction you should be thinking towards as you plan for Halloween 2020.

People Who Should Not Attend

Despite the good news, the CDC does not give an open-door policy to all and sundry to come over to your place for Halloween.  The CDC advises you to outline the major categories of people who should not host or participate in these festivities, to protect your health and that of others.

For instance, anyone who has been diagnosed with this virus and has not been declared fully recovered should not attend such gatherings. 

As you plan for these celebrations in NYC, ensure you exclude people with a higher risk for severe illness from COVID 19.

What to Do During the Celebration

Once you’ve endured, you have adhered to all the necessary safety requirements; you can go ahead and organize a sizeable gathering depending on the available space. However, the CDC reiterates the need to adhere to all the rules and regulations that govern such social gatherings in light of COVID 19. 

Social distancing, as well as limiting close contact during the celebration, is paramount. Other recommendations revolve around the use of restroom facilities and eating out at restaurants.

Of course, all your visitors must have their face masks at all the time. This, by extension, rules out singing, shouting, chanting, and so on. Such behavior will only help to increase the risk of the virus spreading among your visitors.

Most importantly, the CDC strongly recommends the use of the appropriate mask at all times. Halloween masks should not be used as a substitute for a medical face mask used to keep the virus at bay.

After the Celebration

After the celebrations are over, it will be time to self-screen for any symptoms of this disease. In case you or any of your guests develop the symptoms, follow the stipulated procedure by self-quarantining and seeking urgent medical attention. Also, hire a thorough cleaning and disinfection service for your home or office after any small gatherings like these. 

Final Thoughts

Thanks to the CDC guidelines and recommendations, there are many things to do on Halloween in NYC. You can now observe caution and plan for your Halloween festival 2020 in NYC. Stay safe and have the most memorable Halloween ever. 

Oct 16, 2020
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