Move-In/Out Cleaning: What You Should Know And When You Might Need It

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Move-In/Out Cleaning: What You Should Know And When You Might Need It
By: Emaids

Whenever you need a professional service, most likely you check first all your options. It's the same when it comes to cleaning services. You might run into regular cleaning, deep cleaning, one-time cleaning, and many other names first. However, you might notice something called "Move-in/out service" later and wonder what's the difference. Do you need this type of service? Read more to find reasons to hire a move-in/out cleaning service.

What is a move-in/out cleaning service?

A move-in/out cleaning is one of the most thorough services since it usually covers every single task included in other services. You could say it's a kind of an even deeper cleaning! It all comes down to the time needed for every job, so when you pay for this kind of service, you're getting top-notch, detailed cleaning.

Not only will the cleaning team dust and wipe surfaces, but a move-in/out service will also go further by cleaning particular areas of the house. It includes inside the cabinets, wall spots, and even inside the fridge!

When you might need a move-in/out cleaning service 

It all sounds wonderful, but you might think: "when would I need a move-in/out cleaning service?" Here are four situations where you will definitely need this kind of cleaning.

1. You're selling your house

When you're moving out, you still need to prepare the house you just sold. You might think it's enough by just storing everything in boxes, waiting for the moving truck, and calling it a day. Wrong!

You just can't hand over a dusty home. Cleaning it is something you should do for the house itself as a “thank you” of some sort. Now that you decided to dust and wipe everything, you realize you don't have the time—remember, you have a move to worry about.

Asking for a move-in/out cleaning service will take this task off your hands in a very efficient manner and leave the house looking amazing for whoever will live in it now.

2. You'll no longer pay rent

A rental property can serve you as a home for now, but you may want your own house someday. When you can finally afford it, you just found a better place; you need to leave the rental as how you got it in the first place.

If you paid your landlord a security deposit, getting it back might depend on how clean you leave the property, so hiring professionals could pay off. Besides, if you book a move-in/out cleaning, you can focus your time on the new home instead of spending it cleaning the old one!

3. You have a place for rent

Maybe it's the other way around. Having a clean property is always a good first impression for your tenants. Cleaning the property before showing it to a potential tenant it's crucial to close the deal! Also, if someone leaves a mess on your rental property, having a trustworthy team of cleaners ready to clean every corner is a good idea.

4. You arrived at a new home

If the real estate company or (whoever sold you the home) didn't take care of the cleaning before your arrival, it's never too late to hire the move-in/out cleaning service. Also, even if the home seems clean, you might want professional cleaners making sure everything is spotless! 

It will set a welcoming environment and prevent health issues along the way.

Hire a move-in/out cleaning in New York 

If you need a move-in/out service, or any other kind of cleaning, call eMaids of NYC. Our staff is trustworthy, we use only the best supplies, and your satisfaction is guaranteed! 

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Jan 11, 2022
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