What’s Open And What’s Still Closed In NYC In September 2020?

What’s Open And What’s Still Closed In NYC In September 2020
What’s Open And What’s Still Closed In NYC In September 2020?
By: Emaids

Unlike other US cities, New York City is reluctant to restart some operations and businesses. You can look for reopening NYC restaurants for indoor dining, but you’ll be out luck. However, some museums in NYC open today, and other entertainment facilities like casinos are starting operations again after months of inactivity. Keep reading this blog to learn about some important NYC updates regarding the recently opened businesses in September 2020.

Museums and cultural facilities

Since the end of August, several museums have restarted activities but strict restrictions and many preventive measures. Most museums will sell their tickets online to avoid direct contact with the visitors, and also the tickets will have a defined hour of entry and a limited time to stay inside. These health practices will reduce crowding, and by following the 25% reduced capacity, will be more comfortable. Some museums operating are the American Museum of Natural History, the New-York Historical Society, the American Folk Art Museum, Brooklyn Museum, El Museo del Barrio, and many others. Check more reopened cultural facilities here.

Hybrid school reopenings

September normally is the month when most students go back to the classrooms. However, there will be strict precautions and numerous testing procedures to ensure the virus isn’t in the building. In-person classes will begin on September 21 but follow a hybrid system in which some students will attend school while others stay at home receiving online courses. Some official plans stipulate that if at least two different classrooms have one positive case, the school will be shut down again. So, although we are returning to school, we have to be prepared to go back to the online medium.

Still no indoor dining

Governor Andrew Cuomo hasn’t announced a timeline for indoor dining in New York City. Although the city has been in its final reopening phase for a while now, Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio have declared that NYC has a few disadvantages compared to other cities. Higher population and density are just some risk factors that could affect the city if the indoor activities are restarted without strict limitations. So, we’ll have to wait a little longer to dine in our favorite restaurant indoors.

Movie theaters stay closed

A similar case happens with movie theaters. Nearby cities in Connecticut and New Jersey have already opened some theaters, but NYC still hasn’t done or announced a move towards it. Many movie theater owners had declared to be ready for the reopening, but, as things are, new yorkers will have to wait to return to the movies.

Casinos and malls with strict restrictions

Since September 9, New York casinos and malls were given the green light to reopen, but following stringent measures. Casinos will have no table games or beverage service on the gaming floor, but air filtration systems will be enhanced. Malls will receive only 25% of its maximum occupancy.

We hope this information was useful for you. Remember to stay safe and keep practicing the health measures to avoid COVID-19. Contact eMaids if you want to book a cleaning or disinfection service for your home or businesses while reopening is ongoing.

Sep 17, 2020
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