3 Easy Steps To Freshen Up A Trash Can

3 Easy Steps To Freshen Up A Trash Can
By: Emaids

While cleaning their homes, some people prefer not to give much thought to their trash cans. For this reason, some homeowners' efforts don't go beyond taking out the filled bag and putting a new one in, not knowing the lingering, invisible threat of odor and germs.

At one point, the can itself will give off a foul odor, which might be confusing at first—especially if you've been taking out the garbage often. 

However, that awkward situation has a solution! Here's how to eliminate odor from a trash can in three easy steps and avoid it from coming back.

Step #1: Clean your trash can

If your trash can is unbearably stinky even without the bag, you need to clean it now. First, pick up any bits of food and other trash that you might have missed. 

You can make a DIY cleaner by mixing white vinegar and warm water in equal parts; add a few drops of dish soap to increase cleaning power. Spray the inside of the can and scrub with a brush. Then, rinse and let it dry. 

Extra: If you run into harsh residue, make a baking soda and water paste and scrub the gunk off with a brush. This method is also handy if you have a super dirty outdoor trash can.

Step# 2: Remove odors from your trash can

Now that the trash can is spotless, it may or may not still stink; either way, the next step is to deodorize and prevent strong smells. 

To deodorize, sprinkle baking soda in the can; around ½ cup is ok. Baking soda will absorb odors by activating in the presence of acidic molecules, neutralizing them, and reducing bad smells considerably.

Step #3: Add a touch of soothing smell

When you've successfully taken care of the odor but you feel something's missing, you can add scents to your trash cans.

Leave a couple of dryer sheets underneath each new trash bag to catch any smells that escape from the trash—if you're using scented sheets, the better. Also, essential oils or lemon rinds are superb options if you want your trash can to smell more pleasant.

Quick tips on how to prevent odors from returning

You can do these things to make sure odors stop being a recurring problem in your kitchen.

  • Don't let your trash can overflow.
  • Don't let dairy and animal products stay too long.
  • Change the bags when you barely have space to tie them closed.
  • Invest in good bags; bacteria and smell gather once the cheap ones rip open and drip.
  • Make a reminder to clean your trash cans every month.

Freshen up your home, too!

You need to give your nose a rest by keeping odors at bay, not just in the kitchen but in other places in your house. Constant cleaning is key; however, there will be days when you won't find the time to clean as well as you want.

If that sounds familiar to you, you can always hire professional cleaners like eMaids of Washington DC to do it! Click here to book your service and make time for other things at home.

Mar 16, 2022
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