4 Hacks To Get You Motivated To Clean Your Home

4 Hacks To Get You Motivated To Clean Your Home
By: Emaids

Going out to the movies or taking a stroll around the mall is fun, but cleaning your home is not exciting. On the contrary, having to clean can be a hassle. 

Maybe it is because housework looks like a big task, or it's hard to know how or where to start. But something is for sure: you are here because now you feel the need to start cleaning.

Sometimes you need a little push to get started. Read on, and you'll be tackling those chores in no time!

Remember why you are cleaning!

A clean home not only looks good, but it feels good. And it isn't a coincidence, as the various benefits of a tidy environment are well documented. Here are a few examples.

  • Lowers stress and improves mental health. Cluttered spaces affect the brain's capacity to concentrate and process information. Mental fatigue decreases and depression risk drops in an organized environment.
  • Productivity boosts. As the brain frees from physical and mental clutter, it recovers the ability to focus on immediate details; thus, it gets more capacity to do subsequent tasks.
  • Lowers risk of allergies. A cleaner environment means cleaner air, which means fewer airborne microorganisms and particles, reducing the risk of allergies. Also, frequent cleaning can protect you from harmful bacteria.

How to motivate yourself to clean

If knowing the benefits of a clean space isn't enough to get you down to work, you'll like to learn a few techniques to get started. Try them one by one!

1. Break the task into smaller ones

Cleaning your place can be overwhelming when you see all the remaining chores. If that sensation keeps you from starting with the housework, you are not the only one.

To help yourself start, you can split the bigger tasks into smaller steps. That way, you'll feel like you are getting something done without doing all the work. If it helps you, take a break between these mini-tasks—there's no need to do everything at once! 

2. Set a timer

You can grab a timer and set a manageable time to do any cleaning chore. Allow yourself to completely stop after the timer goes off, as long as you focus entirely on cleaning before the time is up.

Ten minutes is a good starting point; gradually increase the time as days go by and you get more comfortable.

3. Turn on some music

Listening to your favorite songs while cleaning can ease the work, but you can add a twist to it. Make a list with 7 of your favorite songs and do the chores until the last song is over. Once the list ends, stop and take a break.

4. Reward yourself

Postponing activities you want to do until you clean your home is a good incentive. That beautiful restaurant you saw the other day? That show you can't wait to binge-watch? Rewarding yourself for all your effort works better than you think! 

Bonus tip: Get extra help

We know cleaning your home is not always easy. At eMaids of NYC, we proudly serve busy homeowners to keep their homes spotless. Let our highly-trained and trustworthy professionals take over your chores so you can relax. 

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May 10, 2022
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