5 Fresh Ideas To Remove Bad Odors From Your House

5 Fresh Ideas To Remove Bad Odors From Your House
By: Emaids

Everybody loves a clean and fresh home. Just imagine entering a kitchen that smells like apple pie or finding your living room filled with a citrus touch. It would be lovely! Sadly, it's very easy for bad smells to seep under your nose. 

But don't worry; there are some practical ways to keep your house smelling fresh! Scroll down to learn about them!

Idea #1. Pour white vinegar into a bowl

Besides being a great cleaning product, vinegar has odor-absorbent properties that will help you keep your house smelling good. To take advantage of its properties, pour some vinegar into a bowl and let it rest near smelly places for a few hours.

Idea #2. Make a scented solution

A downside to vinegar is that it has a strong odor itself. Granted, it goes away after some time. But if you want to eliminate bad smells without bearing the vinegar odor, use baking soda.

You can make a scented solution by mixing one tablespoon of baking soda, a few drops of your favorite essential oil, and two cups of water inside a spray bottle. Once ready, spray it throughout any room you want to freshen up. You'll notice the difference in a few minutes!

Idea #3. Use pomander balls

Pomander balls are excellent for giving your living room a fresh feeling. Basically, pomander balls are oranges with cloves stuck on them, but other variations exist.

Before putting your pomander balls onto a plate in the living room, try to get creative! You can arrange the cloves in unique ways, peel the surface along the path where the cloves will go, or use other kinds of citrus.

Idea #4. Boil some lemon peels

Boiling lemon peels work great to get rid of musty smells! The hot water will release the citrus scent from the lemon, and the steam will propagate it. 

All you have to do is boil some water on your stove and then add lemon peels. Then, pour the liquid and peels into a heat-resistant container and transport it to the smelly room. The fragrance will fill the area, killing musty odors and giving your place that fresh citrus feeling.

Extra tip: Once the water cools down, you can pour it into a spray bottle to keep using it later as an air freshener.

Idea #5. Place a few fragrant houseplants

Houseplants fill your house with pleasant smells and fit in any room they're in! Here are a few examples.

  • For your living room: The higher light intake in this room makes it the perfect place for eucalyptus and mint plants. The size of these plants makes them easy to integrate into any part of the room.
  • For your bathroom: Orchids love humidity, so they'll fit just right. Besides, every type of orchid has its own smell. From citrus to vanilla perfumes, you'll have a lot of options from where to choose.

Keep your house smelling fresh with eMaids of NYC!

The best way to prevent bad odors in your home is by keeping it clean, so let us take care of all your cleaning needs! Our excellent maids will clean your kitchen, bathroom, and the rest of your house, leaving each room fresh and clean. Book with us today!

Sep 13, 2022
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