5 Things To Consider When Tipping For Home Cleaning

5 things to consider when tipping for home cleaning
5 Things To Consider When Tipping For Home Cleaning
By: Emaids

Hiring a cleaning service is the easiest way to keep a clean house. These services make cleaning effortless, and all you have to do after booking the service is waiting to see the results.

However, tipping is one thing that not everyone may know how to handle. So, if you're on the fence about tipping your home cleaner, this blog post is for you! Here are some things you should know about tipping for your cleaning service:

How much should you tip for cleaning services?

Most homeowners tip between 10-20%. However, in the end, tipping is never mandatory, and you should decide how much extra you want to give to your cleaner. 

However, if you're still unsure about leaving a tip while hiring a cleaning company, you could ask them about their tipping policy—you'll rest easy knowing that you're tipping accordingly!

Things to consider before tipping a house cleaner

As with other services, there are many things you can consider to help you decide whether to tip and how much. Here are a few of them to take into account the next time you tip:

#1. Is the cleaner in a company or self-employed?

One difference between company-based cleaners and self-employed ones is how much they make. Self-employed cleaners may set their rates, so you could assume they know how much they need for a living wage, and it may not be necessary to tip them.

On the other hand, cleaners in a company earn depending on the rates set up by the employer, so most homeowners agree that you can show appreciation by tipping them.

You can consider these cases. However, you get to decide if you want to tip both types of cleaners.

#2. How messy your home is

Some cleaners will always charge you the same, even if your home is slightly dirtier than other days! You could consider leaving an extra when the clean-up requires more effort than usual. 

#3. The size of the budget

Don't forget to keep your budget in mind! A lot depends on how much you can spend, your cleaning service included. Knowing your budget and taking it into account will weigh on how much you get to spend on the extra tips for the cleaning service.  

#4. The quality of the service

The most important thing to consider is (probably) the quality of the service. This advice is pretty simple: If you're happy with the result, you tip; if you're not satisfied with the service, don't feel obligated to tip.

#5. The size of your home

Most cleaning services charge depending on the size of your home. However, you can always add an extra if you feel like the cleaner deserves it—if your home is too big and the rates are not that high, go ahead!

What about tipping on holidays?

There is a special etiquette for getting people to clean your home during holidays. On those dates, you can give cleaners a cash tip to show them an appreciation for working when most don't—you can also give them a little non-cash gift on some holidays.

Other forms of tipping during holidays

Some other forms of tipping are accepted on occasions (like Christmas). You can give the cleaners food baskets (like chocolates or other holiday treats), gift cards, lotions (or other self-care items), and even unused clothing items. Tipping with gifts is a great way to show gratitude with a more personal touch!

Do you want more cleaning-related advice?

Check out our blog if you're interested in learning different easy ways to keep your home clean. At eMaids of Brevard County, we are professional house cleaners in Melboune FL, and as such, we have hands-on experience in everything concerning home cleaning, so you can trust we know what we're doing!

Here you can find the best advice to take care of your home while your cleaners are away.

Sep 15, 2022
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