5 Tipping Tips: How To Thank Your House Cleaner

5 Tipping Tips: How To Thank Your House Cleaner
5 Tipping Tips: How To Thank Your House Cleaner
By: Emaids

It’s been a custom to tip for service when eating at a restaurant or receiving a delivery. You probably picked up this habit from your parents as they did from theirs. Tipping has never been required, but it’s another way of thanking waiters and delivery people for their service. 

House cleaning is a more personal service that takes more effort than other jobs, so you might have questions about whether or not to tip

If you’re considering tipping for cleaning services, we give you five quick tips on how to thank a maid for their hard work, but first…

How much is a good tip?

There isn’t an established rule or “tipping formula,” but you can always try somewhere between 10-20% extra from the final bill. In restaurants, tips go around 15% and have stayed that way more or less.

You don’t have to follow these exact percentages, but it’s a good starting point to decide how much to tip a maid. 

How maids work also influences how much you can tip them. Independent maids might not have the same benefits as employed cleaners, so perhaps tips are a large part of their income. However, eMaids of Washington DC are bonded, certified, and insured, giving you peace of mind regarding their living wage.

Tip #1: Don’t feel obligated to tip

Some employers have their workers be given tips as an excuse for lower wages. Avoid going into handing tips with this particular mindset. Tipping is an act of kindness, and no one is forcing you to tip.

Tip #2: Set an amount based on your area

Depending on the location, consider how expensive it is to live, either in a small town or a big city. Washington, DC is one of the most expensive cities to live in America, but it makes up with salaries. So, consider this when tipping.

Tip #3: Raise the tip for bigger efforts

When you need the service, but it takes longer to get to your home, or when it’s rain season, and the house is an unusual mess, a bigger tip is much appreciated. Not all homes are the same, so there might be a special request regarding house materials.

Anything that’s a plus to your service should be rewarded as such.

Tip #4: Find your trusted maid

Trust is essential, and when you find a reliable house cleaner, you want the same personal touch on top of quality service every time. Because of this, eMaids of Washington DC will make the effort of sending you the same maid.

Once you build trust, you can be less strict about recurrent tips. Find the best time to give thanks to your maid. Cash is always ok, but you can give gift cards too. It all comes down to knowing the person in charge of your cleaning.

Tip #5: Exercise your tipping etiquette 

After an excellent cleaning service, you can tip directly in hand or maybe inside an envelope to make it more formal. It’s also a good idea to tip during a holiday. Electronic payments are more common these days, so you can also add tips while using a credit card or ask the cleaning company to provide you with a method. 

If you're ready, you can start this journey now. Consider eMaids Of Washington DC for reliable services. Get in touch with a trained professional who will earn your trust and clean your home.

Feb 14, 2022
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