5 Tips To Get Your Child To Clean Their Room

5 Tips To Get Your Child To Clean Their Room
By: Emaids

If you want to start giving your child small chores or responsibilities, letting them clean their room is a great way to start! However, this can be tricky as children may throw tantrums or refuse to help with the chores. 

Don't despair! Here are some tips to help you teach your kid to clean their room.

Tip #1. Give them age-appropriate chores

Depending on their age, your children can do different things. For example, a small child is unlikely to be able to vacuum. However, older children could stand to do more than store their toys.

So, avoid unrealistic expectations, and don't give your child unachievable chores! If you give children tasks they can accomplish, they'll start to see cleaning as something less daunting.

Tip #2. Help them get started

Children learn by example. If they see you tackling a chore, your kid might want to do the same! Also, working together at first will motivate your child to keep going.

However, helping your kids doesn't mean that you have to do the cleaning for them. Just be the role model for the first several minutes or the first few days of the cleaning routine, and then they can move on to doing it themselves.

Tip #3. Make it fun

Cleaning is not a lot of fun, and your kids know it! So, a good way for them to want to clean is by turning chores into a game. 

Games work incredibly well for younger children. For example, you can put a timer and see if they beat the clock when storing toys. If you have more children, you can turn cleaning into a race and see who finishes first. Having fun will make cleaning less tiring for your child.

Tip #4. Clean one thing at a time

Cleaning a whole room can seem like a lot for a child. Instead of asking your kid to clean their room, break down the tasks and assign the chores one by one. 

The main idea here is to divide the workload throughout the week, so try to implement a daily cleaning routine. For example, one day, your child can pick up their dirty laundry, another day could be for folding and storing their clothes, and so forth.

Tip #5. Give them rewards

Another way to motivate children to clean is by giving them incentives! 

The rewards can be anything—stickers for a small child, more TV time for older kids, or even allowance money. Also, giving them positive feedback and praise after finishing a chore can make a difference. The important thing is to keep your child interested.

Do you need help with the cleaning chores?

Your children will eventually learn to clean their room, so there's no need to rush this process. In the meantime, why not let the professionals help you with the chores?

You can leave your regular cleaning routine to us! eMaids of NYC will take care of your house while you enjoy family time. Don't let the chores get in the way! Book your service now.

Aug 09, 2022
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