5 Tips To Make The Most Out Of Your Microfiber Cloths

5 Tips To Make The Most Out Of Your Microfiber Cloths
By: Emaids

Microfiber cloths are wonderful. They’ll help you in most cleaning tasks and, and thanks to their softness, you won’t be scratching any surfaces. 

However, after all that drying and scrubbing, you might wonder how to keep your cloths in the best shape. Wonder no more! Here, you'll learn how to clean microfiber cloths—and other useful tips to take care of them!

1. When it comes to microfiber cloths, less is more

Avoid harsh chemicals like bleach! They can harm the fibers and reduce their cleaning power! Besides, you don't need them! Microfiber is so effective at cleaning that it doesn't need any cleaning products to work.

Also, you don't need too much detergent for cleaning microfiber cloths! Use half the amount you would use when washing a regular load.

2. Wash them in a separate load

If you’re going to toss your microfiber cloths in the washing machine, don’t mix them with the rest of your laundry—especially cotton clothing. Wash them with other microfiber cloths or items with similar care tags.  

3. Warm water will do the trick

Sometimes, your microfiber cloth will have as little as a stain or be just slightly dirty. The best way to clean it is by pouring warm water on it. If you need deeper cleaning, apply hot water with a little detergent. Carefully scrubbing the microfiber cloth with a soft brush will be enough.

4. Read the tags and manufacturer guidelines

As with many of your clothes and fabrics, most microfiber cloths will have a tag indicating how to wash them in the machine properly. It’ll depend on the manufacturer, so read these tags closely.

5. Dry them, but don’t burn them

If you throw your microfiber cloths in the dryer, use the no-heat setting! In a sense, microfiber is made of plastic, so you’re risking shrinking or straight-up burning the fibers by exposing them to high temperatures.

The best way is to air dry or hang the microfiber cloth. If you really need to dry it with heat, don’t go over 140º F. Also, avoid dryer sheets! The fabric softener can coat the fibers and reduce their cleaning power!

How do I store microfiber cloths?

If you own several microfiber cloths, it’s essential to keep them stored and protected. Hanging them or putting them on top of the shelf it’s not a good idea because they’ll catch dust and lint. Just fold them and keep them inside a container with a lid.

How to make microfiber cloths last?

It’s expected that microfiber cloths resist hundreds of washes and, to guarantee that, they need proper care. How? Easy! Follow the steps above. Make a habit of this, and you won’t need to head over to the store and grab a fresh pack of microfiber cloths every couple of months.

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Dec 13, 2021
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