6 Methods For Cleaning Overlooked Baseboards

6 Methods For Cleaning Overlooked Baseboards
By: Emaids

After we clean our home, its shows when the windows are clear and the walls look perfect. If we look down, it’s hard not to notice when the floor is sparkling, so it might seem like cleaning day was a success…until we catch a glimpse of dirty baseboards.

It’s expected that we pay no attention to baseboards so, it comes as a surprise when we finally run into scuffs marks, scratches, and grime. Unclean baseboards stand out for the worse when the rest of the house is squeaky clean.

Forget them no more, as we’ll show you how to clean your baseboards effortlessly in six easy methods:

Method #1: Soapy water and sponge

You can do wonders with just one tablespoon of dishwasher in a bucket of warm water. Dip a soft sponge in the mix and gently scrub off the dirt, then wipe with a microfiber cloth for a smooth dry.

Method #2: Magic Eraser Sponges 

These neat little squares remove stains, thanks to their cleaning agents. To use on your baseboards, dip a magic eraser in warm water mixed with distilled vinegar and wring well.

Note: try this method on one spot first; magic sponges are tough but can also damage the trim’s finish.

Method #3: Dryer Sheets

Besides being essential for your laundry, dryer sheets can also catch pet hair and help your baseboards repel more dust from building up. 

What if I am injured or have limited mobility?

The following methods are excellent if you need to avoid bending over and crouching. Make sure you get someone to help you with these tasks, starting with moving the furniture that gets in the way. 

Method #4: Brooms and brushes

The easiest choice for low-mobility people. Using a broom or brush attached to an extended pole will effortlessly move dirt away from your baseboards. You may need other tools to clean fully, though.

Method #5: Vacuum Cleaner

Nothing beats vacuum cleaners when removing dust and dirt. The ones with an extension wand will give your knees and back a break. Add a brush attachment for better results.

Method #6: Sock on a stick

The DIY tool for baseboard cleaning. Some socks you have in your home can clean even better than some cloths, especially if they’re microfiber. These are more common than you think. Put a yardstick or any stick inside a sock and wipe the dirt away.

Maintain your baseboards clean

Once you’ve tried these methods and succeeded, you need to keep those baseboards looking great. Once a week or every two weeks, a quick wipe or using your vacuum cleaner will remove the dust. If you own pets, good grooming will reduce hair buildup and save you headaches.

If you want to go further and avoid more dust and dirt, recurring cleaning is recommended by either yourself or, better yet, by getting help from a cleaning company. eMaids of Volusia County in Florida have special care for pets when cleaning, so rest assured they’ll use harmless products and will leave your house looking spotless. Book here!

Feb 14, 2022
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