6 Pet-Friendly Cleaning Tips To Keep Your Home Spotless

6 Pet-Friendly Cleaning Tips To Keep Your Home Spotless
By: Emaids

Pets are cute and great companions, but you should know firsthand how challenging taking care of them can be. If you can't have a clean home for your pets, and they can't stay clean for your home's sake, it's time to go back to basics. 

Here are some cleaning tips for pet owners you can try.

Home cleaning tips for cats or dog owners

In the many efforts to keep a healthy home, the best course of action is to tackle the problem before it snowballs. The following tips will help you keep a clean house while living with a dog or a kitten.

Tip #1. Clean their paws

Your floors and furniture can get messy in just seconds. If your pet went outside to explore or you took it for a walk, make sure to wipe their feet before letting them walk around the house comfortably. Besides, even if their paws aren't soiled, they carry plenty of bacteria. 

Tip #2. Groom your pets often

Do you know what happens when your dog or cat skips regular grooming? You guessed it; their fur will be all over your furniture!

Like people's hair, cat and dog fur must stay untangled, clean, and naturally oiled. Daily grooming is crucial, especially for long-haired pets. Also, don't skip monthly baths in the case of dogs. 

Tip #3. Clean collars and toys

If you have a playful animal, you must know how dirty chewing toys can get. Every dog or cat item gets dirty over time, but some pet owners tend to forget it. Wash your pet's toys and collar frequently!

Tip #4. Wash your pet's bedding

The spot where your cat or dog sleeps can get dirty in no time. Luckily, you can wash most beddings in the machine twice a month and solve the issue. 

When throwing the bedding in the washing machine, it's better if you don't use fabric softener; some pets can get irritated by the chemicals on the bedding after washing.

Tip #5. Avoid using bleach products

It seems easy to pour bleach-based products into your surfaces and disinfect urine spots. However, since animals have a better sense of smell than us, they will feel terrible when catching hints of bleach.

Consider changing to non-bleach cleaners—sometimes labeled as "pet safe." If you want to try a quick DIY method, clean your floors with diluted vinegar.

Tip #6: Be more patient with the vacuum cleaner

Can't seem to vacuum all the hair thoroughly? That's because pet hair is too thin, and many vacuum cleaners struggle to pick it up. When cleaning the floors or furniture, go in slow, repeated motions over the same spot until you're sure you picked all the hair.

Note: HEPA-filter vacuum cleaners work more effectively. If you don't own one, consider an upgrade.

Extra tip for cat owners: Scoop and clean the litter box more often 

Many pet owners wait too long before changing the kitten litter. However, the amount of germs trapped in the litter raises the risk of infection. Scoop from the crate daily and change the kitten litter once a week to be on the safe side.

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May 11, 2022
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