7 Awesome Open Space and Natural Sites In the East Valley

7 Awesome Open Space and Natural Sites In the East Valley
By: eMaids of East Valley

East Valley is right in the middle of beautiful open spaces, incredible desert landscapes, and scenarios that will fit perfectly in a Wild West movie. If you want to explore the wild side of the county and discover some awesome East Valley parks, keep reading our list of seven awesome places in East Valley. 

Fort McDowell Adventures

Maybe there isn’t a better way to know the wild west that is going to Fort McDowell Adventures. Located far from the city bustle, just a couple of miles into the Sonoran Desert. Here you’ll find horseback riding, desert segways, golf courses, and of course, a well-trained staff that will guide you into adventure. Also, they have a Casino and an event facility that sometimes hosts some chic country weddings.

San Tan Mountain Regional Park

South of Queen Creek and Chandler Heights, the San Tan Mountain Regional Park awaits for you. Fans hiking and horseback riding will enjoy visiting this beautiful place. Get ready to be awed by these Incredible desert landscapes you’ll only find in old Western movies. As a suggestion, when visiting Sa Tan Mountain, be sure you have read the health recommendations. Because the Sonoran Desert can be harsh sometimes.

Papago Park

Just a few minutes from Downtown Phoenix, between Temple and Scottsdale, there is a great outdoor adventure that will please those who yearn nature. Papago Park has excellent views of the red butte formations that abound in the Sonoran Desert. In fact, if you adventure to the park’s east side, you’ll find the Hole-In-The-Rock, an iconic rock chamber that has splendid sunset views. Also, the park has nearby access to the Phoenix Zoo and the Desert Botanical Garden.

Butterfly wonderland

Maybe not an outdoor destination, but if you’re traveling with family, especially with little children, Butterfly Wonderland is a must-see. Located in Scottsdale, is a relatively centric place that contains a world of nature that will amaze the oldest and youngest also. First, take the children to watch the 3D movie “Flight of the Butterflies” and then go inside the conservatory to meet the little winged friends.

Ak-Chin Him-Dak Eco-Museum

Sometimes called “The museum without walls,” the Ak-Chin Him-Dak Eco-Museum is located in the land where the Ak-Chin live and they also work as guides. The Museum is mostly in the outdoors and exhibits tribal crafts, photographs, and other art that represents the heritage of the Indian community. Visiting this place is to really meet the Ak-Chin in their homes, their manners and traditions, and to help preserve their culture.

Fountain Park

Another cool place to visit is Fountain Hills, a little town located northeast Phoenix, in the limits of East Valley. There you’ll find, in the middle of town, the main attraction: the fourth highest fountain in the world. This iconic spot is located in an artificial 28-acre lake, and it shoots water over 560 feet tall. Surely, you’ll see the plume of water from miles away.

Horseshoe Park and Equestrian Centre

Only a few minutes from the Phoenix International Airport, this park is the best choice for all the equestrian sports lovers. Horsehoe Park is a majestic, 38-acre facility that showcases a variety of English and western equestrian riding, even RV shows, concerts, and weddings. With quiet installations and great weather throughout most of the year, visiting Horshoe Park is always a win.

These are a few of the many attractions and great places East Valley has to offer. All the family can go exploring Arizona and its desert landscapes, but if you take little children with you, be sure to read the health recommendations first. If you’re leaving your house unattended, call us, and we’ll clean your home for you.

Dec 20, 2019
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