7 Daily Habits Pet Owners Should Embrace To Keep The Home Clean

7 Daily Habits Pet Owners Should Embrace To Keep The Home Clean
By: Emaids


Pets deserve all the love in the world! They are a great company, excellent listeners, and our best friends. However, owning a dog or a cat means that your home has to be equipped with various tools to keep it clean and protected against your pet's playful behavior. In this blog, you'll discover essential daily cleaning habits for pet owners, simple things you should do every day to maintain the untidiness at a minimum, and tools you should buy to make the job easier.

Clean those paws

Cleaning your dog's paws could sound easy, but you will often skip this vital task. The reason? It just isn't convenient enough! Therefore, the trick to this habit is placing your cleaning tools in handy reach and establishing a routine. Some tips: add a hook by the door to hang a towel for wiping paws, place a bowl of water at the entrance for a post-walk washing, or buy a convenient dog paw washer. Most certainly, your home gets dirty because of your pet's paws, so just by doing this, you will considerably enhance your home's cleanliness.

Don't skip dog walks!

Speaking of dog walks, avoiding these quick trips to the park or your neighborhood could bring more problems than you think. Pets need exercise to stay healthy and calm, and by denying them the chance to stretch those legs, we are making them prone to stress and misbehavior. So, if you want to avoid getting your home a mess by your four-legged friend, don't skip those walks! Check more benefits about dog walks here. Also, with cats, ensure they have enough toys to play and paw at.

Keep baking soda handy

Having a pet at home means you have to deal with bad odors regularly. For refreshing your home's smell, there aren't any products as effective and natural as baking soda. This product is safe-for-pets and has deodorizing properties, which means that it eliminates foul odors. Baking soda has many uses, like refreshing the smell of litter boxes, sheets, dog beds, and small urine stains—a total wonder. Check more baking soda uses here.

React quickly with accidents

Here are a few useful ways to get rid of urine stains (and their smells). Act quickly when it comes to accidents to avoid any permanent damage to your carpets or floors. Always be prepared with your natural cleaners and clean clothes!

Use your lint roller and vacuum cleaner

If you look for hair, you'll find it! Just look on your blankets, couches, chairs, desks, or anywhere your cat or dog likes to nap. A lint roller can pick up hair from most surfaces, and you can put on a pair of damped rubber gloves to reach narrow corners on your furniture and take off hair easily. These tools are affordable and effective and can't be left out from your cleaning equipment. However, if you have a larger budget, buy a vacuum robot and program it to clean your floors regularly.

Bandana for messy pets

If your dog is a messy eater or an excessive drooler, you might need a bandana to protect your furniture. A doggy bandana is a perfect accessory to keep drool at bay and give your furry companion a chic style. When the bandana gets too wet, you can throw it in the washing machine along with your other blankets and sheets.

Use easy-care throws!

Every pet owner must possess several easy-care throws to protect floors and furnishing from muddy paws and fallen fur. Just go to all of the nap spots your pet chooses frequently and throw a cover over the area. If you maintain this habit daily, you will reduce stain risks considerably, not to mention doggy odors will dissipate too. But the main benefit of using easy-care throws is the convenience of merely washing them with your usual load without worrying about damaging them. 

Now that you learn some daily pet owners' habits to keep the home clean, we hope your home stays tidy and spotless longer. However, if you still need help with your cleaning chores, don't hesitate to call eMaids. Book your service on our website.

Feb 19, 2021
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