7 Home Remodeling Ideas For Small Homes Or Apartments

7 Home Remodeling Ideas For Small Homes Or Apartments
7 Home Remodeling Ideas For Small Homes Or Apartments
By: Emaids

Having spent too much time at home during the last year surely felt frustrating for many people. If you're reading this blog, you probably think that your place's size is the main factor that needs change. However, changing or expanding residence isn't always possible. Still, some house remodeling ideas for small homes can help you feel more comfortable, or you can apply some hacks and tricks to deceive your perception.

Keep reading and discover seven useful ideas for all kinds of budgets.

  1. Reduce color contrasts

    Some people say dark colors make a room look smaller, but perhaps a more accurate way to explain it is by considering color contrasts. If you can’t get rid of your dark-toned furniture, just replace any colors that are way too different. Try combinations like these.

  2. Take advantage of your home's height

    If your home has tall walls, then you should start building upward. Cabinetry, trim work, and shelves can be extended up to where the ceiling begins, leaving your home with plenty of space. The sense of space can also change drastically as your visitors start looking up without noticing the walls' closeness.

  3. Keep your fixtures small

    Your fixtures must be on the right scale for the room. No matter how cheap that couch costs, if it's too bulky, then it will be a bad investment in the long run. You don't want your living room always to look small and cluttered. Also, a large hanging light fixture might cause overkill for your tiny room. Consider buying new fixtures and keep everything in the right size.

  4. Add sliding doors

    Nothing wastes more footage than those old-fashioned doors with hinges. By installing a sliding barn door, you will free all the space that your old door needed to open and close. There are many types of sliding doors, some pretty easy to install like this one. Make sure that it goes with the rest of the room!

  5. Revamp your closet

    Are you taking advantage of all the space your closets have? This 2021, revamp your wardrobe and install more shelves, hanging rods, drawers, or baskets for you to store more things. Of course, don't harbor stuff that you don't need and use this extra space to declutter some rooms of your home.

  6. Connect two rooms

    Ok, this one is a little drastic, but just stick with it for a moment. Connecting one room to another can liberate more space than you think in a small home, and you don't have to take down a wall if you can't or want to. Interior windows or pass-throughs can function as links between your kitchen and the dining room, offering a more spacious feel to the house. However, this type of remodeling will take some time and an expert's audit to work. But, of course, it will be worth it.

  7. Add more natural light

    If a room with no windows feels claustrophobic, adding windows to your wall will make the house feel bigger and freer. Natural light and landscapes in the background are game-changers for rooms that feel a little cramped and dark. If you're unable to install a new window, then try to add paintings or mirrors.

We hope you can apply some of these easy home improvement ideas this New Year, and even the not-so-easy ones like connecting rooms or installing new windows. You deserve to be comfortable in your place. Remember that if you need help with your home cleaning chores, you can book a service with us, right here on our website.

Jan 15, 2021
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