7 Overlooked Spring Cleaning Tasks

7 Overlooked Spring Cleaning Tasks
By: Emaids

Spring cleaning is essential for taking care of the mess winter left behind. By cleaning before spring, you can prevent seasonal allergies caused by pollen and weather changes. Although spring cleaning is the most thorough cleaning of the year for many households, some tasks are often overlooked. Be sure to do these seven overlooked spring cleaning tasks

1. Cleaning and turning the mattress

Even if you wash your sheets and pillows frequently, dust and dirt can reach your mattress. To prevent this, you have to deep-clean your bed after throwing the sheets and pillows into the washing machine. The first step is vacuuming, then spot-clean to remove any stain. When the first side is dry, turn it and repeat the process. It's ready to use once it is dry. Don't forget to flip your mattress now and then to prevent permanent dips where you sleep. 

2. Laundering the curtains and drapes

Window coverings often need special cleaning methods. If you have washable curtains, launder them as part of your spring cleaning. For dry-cleaning curtains or blinds, consider hiring a cleaning service. Although cleaning the window coverings is easy to forget, they collect a considerable amount of dust and other particles over time. Better include them in your checklist.

3. Vacuuming upholstery furniture 

Most upholstery furniture can retain dirt, especially when they involve fabric; however, these kinds of movables don't receive the attention that carpets do when cleaning. Retire all cushions and pillows on every couch, sofa, or chair—if they have removable covers, launder them.  Then vacuum your furniture entirely.

4. Cleaning inside trash bins

We all know that thrash bins are dirty, but they are often overlooked when cleaning. During spring, wash and scrub the exterior and interior of trash cans; hot water and soap will be enough. Once it's dry, sprinkle baking soda at the bottom before inserting the trash bag. Baking soda will prevent odors from building up.

5. Disinfecting the sink 

After knowing the sink is one of the most germ-filled spots in your kitchen, you'll never skip this chore. First, use hot water and soap to scrub your sink, then disinfect it. For an eco-friendly way to disinfect your sink, try out white vinegar and hydrogen peroxide, spraying one after another without mixing them.

6. Decluttering

Even if your home is clean, clutter can make it look messy. But it's more than just appearance: knick-knacks and piles of stuff collect a considerable amount of dust and dirt. Taking advantage of spring cleaning to declutter your home benefits you in many ways, from easing seasonal allergies to helping you sleep better.

7. Cleaning hidden spots

When you clean your home, you'll likely skip several hard-to-reach spots, like beneath the furniture or appliances. Although they may seem like non-essential cleaning tasks, your home will only be spotless after tackling every area. If you need extra motivation, think of all the long-lost treasures you'll find under your furniture!

Include these 7 common overlooked cleaning tasks in your spring cleaning checklist! If you need help with your housework chores, eMaids of Volusia County can help you! We are a cleaning company ready to take care of your home. Reach us here and get your quote.

Mar 09, 2021
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