7 Signs Your Office Needs A Cleaning Service

7 Signs Your Office Needs A Cleaning Service
7 Signs Your Office Needs A Cleaning Service
By: Emaids

A clean office is a safer office; this is crystal clear. If you are running a business in 2021, ensuring your staff a clean and disinfected workspace should be a top priority. But don't despair, we have good news: eMaids of NYC can help you with your office chores. Not sure if a cleaning service is a right choice for your business? Read our list of signs that indicate you need a professional office cleaner. 

1. Your Employees Are the Ones Who Clean

If your employees are doing the cleaning, they could be untrained to perform the cleaning tasks correctly. Also, they surely lose valuable time that could be spent on their main responsibilities. Furthermore, having a staff with cleaning chores added to their duties can be frustrating and might lead to low morale on the team.

2. You Don’t Want To Show Certain Areas Of Your office

Have you found yourself doubtful to show your workplace because of clutter or dirt? If the answer is YES, you need help with the cleaning. It could be a dirty lunchroom where employees don't feel comfortable or a messy meeting room that could scare away potential clients. With a cleaning service, you will keep all the office areas and rooms in top shape.

3. You Don’t Have Proper Cleaning Tools

Carpet cleaning, dusting light fixtures, or cleaning windows are examples of tasks that seem simple but require tools, cleaning products, and a professional's expertise. Most people do these chores monthly, but they are often overlooked. Outsourcing your office cleaning chores instead of doing them yourself will save you the money you would invest in expensive cleaning equipment. 

4. You Are Concerned About Your Staff's Motivation

Maybe it isn't the number one cause of demotivation in the workplace, but surely a dirty office will not get anyone excited to work. The worst-case scenario is a high employee turnover rate where a messy workplace can be the last straw. If you want to keep an enthusiastic staff without struggling with motivation, a professional cleaning service is going to work wonders.

5. Cleaning Chores Are Piling Up

Piled-up cleaning tasks are an obvious sign your office needs a professional cleaning service. The pandemic emphasized this matter's importance because frequently-touched surfaces need to be disinfected to prevent infections. Sending cleaning tasks to the background might mean a risk for health, and employees won't feel safe. 

6. Dirt Has Made You Lose Money

If your office isn't properly cleaned, you will see more dust and mold, and these unwanted particles will damage your equipment and furniture. Professional cleanings performed by a reliable company will prevent equipment losses that might occur in the long term. 

7. Your Resources Are Needed Somewhere Else

Most businesses don’t need full-time cleaning personnel. Consider if your office requires permanent staff for cleaning or if outsourcing the services is a better option. A cleaning company with rigorous background checks, training, and insured employees will relieve you from those obligations.

Your most valuable partnership might be with a cleaning company. If you identify with one or more of these signs, it's time to get professional office cleaners for your business. We will be glad to help you! Book with us or get your quote on our website

Mar 09, 2021
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