7 Tips To Clean Mirrors And Forget About Streaks!

7 Tips To Clean Mirrors And Forget About Streaks!
7 Tips To Clean Mirrors And Forget About Streaks!
By: Emaids

If given a chance, many people would vanish mirror cleaning from their cleaning checklist! Why? It is not a difficult task. However, homeowners (and some professional cleaners) just don't like dealing with streaks. 

Are you one of those people who dread mirror cleaning because of the streaks? The key is in the details! Here are 7 tips to have streak-free mirrors!

Tip #1. Remove the grime first

If the mirror is full of smudges and stains, wiping the whole surface will only reallocate the dirt. Instead, use a cotton pad and a small amount of rubbing alcohol to remove stuck-on grime. 

Look out for fingerprints, toothpaste splatters, greasy smudges, and any other visible stain. Then, dab them with the cotton pad and wipe them off with a paper towel. If the stain refuses to go, keep dabbing and let the alcohol sit for a few minutes.

Tip #2. Use distilled water

In many locations, tap water has a high amount of mineral deposits. The higher these deposits are, the "harder" the water is. Washington DC's water is mildly hard, so it won't affect too much for most cleaning tasks. 

However, when it comes to cleaning mirrors, even a slight amount of mineral deposits could cause streaks! Using distilled water for this chore will reduce the chances of ending up with a streaky mirror.

Tip #3. Avoid commercial glass cleaners

People often use window cleaners to wipe the glass and stainless steel surfaces. However, commercial glass cleaners may contain excessive soap or harsh chemicals like ammonia. When using commercial glass cleaners, pick only brands you trust. 


Try using a different cleaner, soapy water, or plain water if you have struggled with streaks!

Tip #4. Rely on warm soapy water

If you are cleaning a dirty mirror, your best option is warm water with just a few drops of dish soap. You don't need excessive soap to remove the grime, and having less product will also reduce the chances of streaks.


You can use white vinegar for a more eco-friendly option—mix half vinegar and half warm water in a spray bottle. However, vinegar could be harsh on some surfaces, including wooden mirror frames. 

Only use vinegar if you are sure it's safe for your mirror!

Tip #5. Use a microfiber cloth

Cotton rags and paper towels may leave residue behind. Instead, use a lint-free microfiber cloth to wipe your mirrors. Besides not leaving lint behind, a microfiber cloth is great for cleaning glass surfaces because it's better at capturing dirt and liquids. 

Tip #6. Rinse with plain water

Using a large amount of cleaning solution won't guarantee a streak-free mirror—because streaks are both dirt and chemical residue of the cleaning product. To remove the residue, rinse the mirror with a microfiber cloth and plain water!

Tip #7. Wait until the mirror dries out to look for streaks

Some minor streaks won't be easy to spot! Look at the mirror from different positions once it dries out! If you find any streak, wipe it off with a microfiber cloth.

Do you have enough time for cleaning chores?

eMaids of Washington DC have helped busy homeowners with their cleaning chores for years. We take care of your regular cleaning routine, including wiping the mirrors and other glassy surfaces inside your home. Learn more about our services here!

Oct 11, 2021
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