9 Quick Cleaning Tasks That Make A Huge Impact In Your Home

9 Quick Cleaning Tasks That Make A Huge Impact In Your Home
By: Emaids

Most people are too busy to spend the day cleaning. However, ignoring household chores might leave you with an endless pile of tasks. If you have little time for cleaning, learning some hacks is your best option. This could be the definition of a cleaning hack: small cleaning work that makes a huge difference. To simplify your duties, we give you nine household chores that make a big impact on your home.

1. Clear major clutter

Clutter works like a dust collector, besides limiting your movement and access while cleaning. Tidying up your home isn't a quick task, but taking the major mess out of sight takes you roughly five minutes. Set aside unused devices, toys, clothes, etc. Decluttering gives a clearer appearance to a room and makes cleaning easier.

2. Make your bed

Making your bed should take you roughly a minute, and your bedroom will be neat just with this small effort. Also, doing this cleaning chore during the morning works as a mental boost, adding a sense of productivity to your day right after waking up.

3. Return items to their place after use

Returning something after using it seems too obvious, but in practice, things are different. It only happens when everything in your home has a designated place, and all your household members know it. Work in this habit, and you avoid a lot of cleaning!

4. Take out the trash as you leave your home

Many people avoid taking out the trash, even if it is not a complex activity. To prevent piled-up garbage, take it with you when you leave your home; this way, you won't be adding any length to your routine.

5. Clean the shower and toilet before sleeping

Clean the shower and toilet after your last bathroom visit. Spraying a cleaning solution and wiping the toilet seat takes you only a couple of minutes, and your bathroom will look spotless between deep cleanings.

6. Fill/empty the dishwasher while making coffee

Making coffee is an essential part of many people’s routines. While brewing coffee or waiting for toasts, you could put these minutes into something more productive than waiting. For example, filling or emptying the dishwasher or doing a couple of dishes.

7. Clean while you cook

Speaking of doing the dishes, the best way to clean the grime is when it hasn't stuck yet. Most recipes include moments in which you could clean the cookware, for example. Even if you have to take some extra minutes to clean after cooking, it’s still easier and takes less time.

8. Clean hard floors using a microfiber mop

On hard floors daily cleaning, you could replace the vacuum with a microfiber mop and water. Microfiber mops work excellent for trapping dust, and you don't need to drag a bucket full of water or a heavy vacuum around—you will finish mopping within minutes! 

9. Brush your pet's hair

For any dog or cat owner, keeping pet-hair out of their home seems almost impossible. Reduce your time vacuuming by brushing your pet's hair, preferably outside your home. Also, brushing and grooming have many benefits for your dog or cat

These small tasks with a big impact on your home can be useful when time is short. However, if you are busy or just want to take time for yourself, let eMaids of San Jose take care of your cleaning. We have a cleaning service right for you!

Mar 08, 2021
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