Are You A Pro Cleaner in Washington DC? Pick This Opportunity!

eMaids of Washington DC - Are You A Pro Cleaner in Washington DC Pick This Opportunity!
Are You A Pro Cleaner in Washington DC? Pick This Opportunity!
By: Emaids

Washington DC is the best place to be a home cleaner! In a fast-paced city, many homeowners and business offices need cleaning services to continue with their day-to-day lives. And that’s when eMaids enters the scene! 

Read here the reasons to join us! We tell you a little about eMaids and the benefits of becoming an eMaids' professional cleaner!

What is eMaids of Washington DC?

eMaids of Washington DC is part of the eMaids franchise. Since its foundation in New York City, eMaids has used technology to improve and make everything easier. Many years have passed since the first time eMaids opened its doors. Now, people trust and rely on our services. 

Every eMaids location is locally managed, although the quality and professionalism are the same! 

Is cleaning houses a good job?

Working as a professional cleaner has many benefits—and more in a fast-paced city like Washington DC. You can be a lifesaver for busy professionals, hard-working parents, and business owners in the city! 

With so many people needing the services, you can easily make a living. However, a career is not only about making money! One of the main benefits of professional home cleaners is the flexible schedule!

Become a home cleaner at eMaids of Washington DC

eMaids is always looking for talented and experienced cleaners who want to grow in the business! If you are currently a professional maid or have experience in the industry, you can apply now. 

These are the reasons to join eMaids of Washington DC!

Reason #1. Part of a bigger franchise

As mentioned above, eMaids is a nationwide franchise! Being part of a bigger franchise isn't just about the name or recognition, but also about the shared and proven methods, standards, and processes! 

Every new cleaner starts with a paid 46-hour training to learn the eMaids way of cleaning! Also, don't expect to stay as a cleaner during your entire career! At eMaids, you can always keep growing upwards.

Reason #2. Your hard work gets rewarded

Everyone wins with a well-done job! That's why bonuses and rewards are frequent at eMaids of Washington DC. We recognize hard work whenever it happens: expect bonuses for 5-star reviews or new client referrals!

eMaids encourages all their cleaners to go above and beyond during every service!

Reason #3. Work only with people who love cleaning

You can expect safe, eco-friendly products provided by the company, your weekly pay, and a great work environment. 

Why is the work environment so great? Everyone in eMaids loves to clean! And they are happy with the salary, bonuses, and tips! eMaids care for their clients and employees alike. 

How much can you make as a home cleaner in DC?

Like any other job with a flexible schedule, you can make almost as much as you want! Our cleaners make $16.50 - $21.50 per Hour—above other cleaning jobs in Washington DC!

What's next? Apply now online!

Don't let the opportunity pass you by! You can continue your process on our career page! There you can find the details of the job position and fill up the application! After sending us your info, we reach out to you as soon as possible!

Sep 17, 2021
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