Cleaning Checklist And Tips For A Healthy Christmas At Home This Year

Cleaning Checklist And Tips For A Healthy Christmas At Home This Year
By: Emaids

There are so many reasons to celebrate the Christmas season with your family. But the months of winter create a hard time for many to keep their homes clean.

Whether it's dirt stuck in windows or air pollution, you need to put much effort into cleaning your house for a healthier Christmas.

We have put together some Christmas cleaning tips for a healthier home this year. This checklist will help you freshen up your home even if there is snow in your driveways.

Here’s a Cleaning Checklist For Winter Season 

  • Dusting

Dusting surfaces and corners of the house are essential because they kill pathogens that can cause diseases and provide a comfortable place for those allergic to dust. This is especially true after you take out all those stored Christmas decorations.

  • Cleaning Washrooms and Bathrooms

Many people spend much of their time in bathrooms and washrooms during this winter, especially now during the COVID-19 pandemic when handwashing is essential. Regular cleaning and disinfecting will reduce the spread of infections.

  • Counter Check Your Pantry

During the winter season, we spend most of our time indoors. Going through your pantry will help removed foods that have stayed there for a long time. This way, you will get to throw away the expired ones and stock up on new ones.

  • Vacuum Cleaning  And Washing Floors

During winter, they are even more reasons to vacuum and deep clean your house. Cold seasons come with all sorts of insects that tend to shelter in any part or object found in the places like carpets. The weather also makes it more likely that dirt, mud, and water will sneak into your floors. Vacuum cleaning and washing floors will also help since all dirt that might harm any guests you might have, or just keep your household safe and healthy.

Essential Tips to Make Your Home Healthier For Christmas

  • Celebrate Only With Your Household 

Celebrating only with the people you live with is the safest way to express love during this year's Christmas. This way will help reduce the spread of the virus.

  • Plan to Conduct Virtual Celebrations

Virtual celebrations will reduce the spread of the virus but still connect you. Seeing your loved ones gather around your dining table while eating the family's favorite meal is the best idea. You can conduct those virtual gatherings, let’s say, through zoom or any other video applications.

  • Clean Frequently Touched surfaces.

Before inviting any loved one for a small Christmas celebration, make an effort to clean and disinfect surfaces that are touched frequently, like countertops, door handles, and tables. Additionally, you can station hand sanitizers in these stations to reduce the spread of infections.

  • Plan to Set up outdoor gatherings

Suppose there’s a need to invite a few guests and relatives. Ensure that you make arrangements for an outside celebration. Unlike celebrating in the house, outdoor gatherings will create more space for social distancing and adequate ventilation.

These will minimize the risk of contracting and spreading COVID-19.

  • Plan To Buy A Notebook

During this year's celebration, a notebook will be of help since you will get to write attendees' names. In case one of your guest's contact, the more accessible it will be easier to countercheck and track all those who attended to give health care.

Final Thoughts

Christmas can is a time to indulge. But as you prepare to celebrate with your loved ones, winter cleaning can be a pain in the head, as well as preparing to enjoy the holidays in the middle of a pandemic. This article has provided you with relevant tips and a winter checklist to help you enjoy a healthy festive season.


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Dec 14, 2020
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