Cleaning Tips To Keep Your Kitchen Spotless Before And After Christmas Dinner

Cleaning Tips To Keep Your Kitchen Spotless Before And After Christmas Dinner
By: Emaids

Christmas is among the celebrations where the kitchen is essential.  Kitchens are the hearts of many homes, especially when Christmas is approaching.

During celebrations, the kitchen is the part that most encounters a lot of mess. But many people get stuck with all the work it entails. If you are among them, we've got you covered.  To help you keep your kitchen super clean, let’s get on with these winter kitchen cleaning tips for before and after the big day.

Pre- Cleaning Tips

The kitchen isn't just about cooking; it's also about the safety of the foods and related equipment.  Here are some tips for cleaning before Christmas.

  •   Create a Cleaning Schedule

Nothing will go well without creating a list or a schedule. As you prepare for your guests, write down the things you'll do within a specified time. Making a list is not a difficult task; in fact, it's easy.

A schedule will help you do each task in order without forgetting anything.

  • Clean the Windows of the kitchen

Now that you've formulated a schedule, it’s time to get to work. Clean both the inside and outside windows with alcohol to make them sparkling clean. Additionally, you can choose to decorate the windows with your favorite stickers or even snowflakes.

  • Clean up fridges

Cleaning and organizing will create clean air in the kitchen. Moreover, you can dispose of old products that might make a stinky smell or harm your family or friends’ health.

If you haven’t cleaned your fridge for a while, you can call a professional cleaning company to help with that or other chores.

  • Clean the Oven

Suppose your oven has some burnt food or some scorched cooktops. Make an effort to cool, clean it, create a safer place to warm or cook foods, and bake that yummy cake into perfection.

Kitchen Clean-Up after Christmas

When the celebration is over, it's time to clean up your kitchen and give it a sparkling look. But for many, cleaning up the kitchen after the guests have left creates aftermath.  Here are a few tips to help you out.

  • Get rid of what you don’t need.

Did you get new kitchen cutleries or appliances for Christmas? That’s great! If you don't need either extra plates or cooking pans, give your neighbors or discard them.

  • Wash your dishes by hand

After delicious meals shared with your loved ones, you are left alone with dirty, stained utensils. All you need is to separate plates and cups alone. The same process applies to other cutleries.  Clean them using your hands, then store the special ones for the next celebration. Don’t be afraid or shy about just asking for help from your household.

  • Clean your oven and cooker

After the long hours of cooking, spills of food might have touched the surfaces. Wear sizeable cleaning gloves to protect your hands from the oven cleaners. If you have a hard time to remove stains, find professional oven cleaners to do it for you.

  • Clean kitchen tops

Kitchen countertops are essential while preparing food. After hours of deep-frying, that delicious turkey, ham, or chicken, of course, stains will be left on the countertops. Use a clean towel with warm water to clean and disinfect the surface.

Bottom Line

The Christmas holiday brings friends and families together. It creates a feeling of togetherness and endless love. Despite all that, our kitchens also need to be cleaned. As we count days to Christmas, use the above cleaning tips to make your kitchen sparkle clean and spotless.

Dec 14, 2020
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