Don’t Cancel Halloween. Have Safe, Socially Distanced Fun With These Tips

Don’t Cancel Halloween. Have Safe, Socially Distanced Fun With These Tips
By: Emaids

Halloween is just around the corner, and with it comes all the preparations and anticipation. It’s an exciting period. But this year’s festivities on the backdrop of a menacing pandemic makes many seek reliable info on how to celebrate Halloween safely at home

One of the challenges that parents and guardians in Washington DC and beyond have to contend with is how to keep family Halloween events at home clean and safe. To be more precise, having a clean and safe affair requires prior planning and ensuring that everything is clean where it’s supposed to be.

DIY home cleaning

Some folks prefer to involve everyone in the household to give the place a thorough clean. Yes, you can bring the kids on board and have them participate in the cleaning process. It’s a fun way of having everyone in the family engaged and ready to usher in Halloween at home events.

You'll have to get all the necessary equipment, detergents, and water and, of course, marshal all your efforts towards the cleaning job. You have to think about all the accessories that come with this little cleaning celebration.

While this DIY approach might be an option, you might not have the time or all the necessary equipment and cleaning agents essential to ensure your home is safe and clean during these events. You don't want your home or event to be the avenue of spreading dangerous pathogens.  So, the DIY approach might not be the best strategy to use, and you might be better off hiring a professional cleaning and disinfecting service. We’ll highlight the alternative method shortly.

For now, let's look at safety tips during the Halloween event.

Use Safe Costumes

Face coverings and full masks are a necessity to protect your kids from COVID 19. However, these masks can make it hard for your kids to see while trick-or-treating at home. To ensure your kids are safe, give them face masks with adequate eye-holes or better still, get the face masks that don't cover the eyes. 

If you are using any face paint, make sure a safe, hypoallergenic product. Please make sure the kids wash the color off before they retire to bed.

Ribbons, strings, and scarves can be choking hazards for the kids. Instead of using these items, look for Velcro-fastened costumes instead. On the same note, long flowing gowns on little princesses or witches can trip them as they walk around the house.

Always Have the Hand Sanitizer Near

There are things to do at home for Halloween. These activities will ensure you come into contact with many surfaces. That’s why you and your kids should sanitize your hands every time you get in touch with the many high contact objects like doorknobs and doorbells. This is the first defense line against collecting pathogens as the kids engage in the fun-filled Halloween activities.  

Lighting and Decorations

As much as you’ll need agreeable lighting and decoration, these can be safety hazards. Instead of using candles and flammable materials, battery-operated or LED lights for your monsters, jack-o-lanterns, and other lighted decorations would be a better option. 

Turn your porch light on. This helps to illuminate the path, thus assisting trick-or-testers in getting to your door safely.

Professional Cleaning Service

If you are in Washington DC or surroundings, and you don’t want to follow the DIY method mentioned earlier, you can quickly solve your home cleaning and safety concerns this Halloween. Contact eMaids of Washington for high-quality professional cleaning this festive season. This is an experienced company that cleans positively superbly touched surfaces to prevent the spread of COVID 19. Get in touch now, and let your family have a safe and clean Halloween at home in 2020.

Oct 16, 2020
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