Here Are Some Tips If Your Kids Are Distance-learning Again From Home This Fall

Here Are Some Tips If Your Kids Are Distance-learning Again From Home This Fall
By: Emaids

Remote learning tips for parents are becoming increasingly important these days amid the prevailing health-related concerns from the COVID-19 pandemic. Brevard County schools have gone back to in-person classes, but not all, and some are facing outbreaks that force students back to their homes for a while.  This is still a mostly new scenario, not just o the kids but also to the parents. 

Kids need a neat and organized home environment to focus on their studies and excel in them. That's where the challenge for many parents comes in.  You have your job and domestic chores to attend to – and now a bunch of young ones taking their studies from home. 

If your kids have to stay at home again this fall, don’t get overwhelmed, you can easily provide them with the best environment for their distance learning. Here are some vital parent tips for distance learning that will help you overcome this challenge.

Have the Kids Clean Up

Maybe you've already experienced it; toys are strewn all over, food spills and stains on the floor – not to mention the study desk, and by the time you are home you’d be forgiven for thinking there was a bomb blast. 

You can do what some other parents do. They ask the kids to clean up after themselves. That's practical since kids as young as three years old can clean up by picking up plastic toys and other items they've used during leaning. The older ones can handle more demanding tasks like mopping the floors and even organizing their bookshelves.

Of course, these chores don’t have to look punitive to the kids. As a parent, you can chip in and help them clean. You can make it even more fun by singing with them or include some activity that creates a jovial and relaxed mood for the kids as they clean. 

Integrate Cleaning as Part of Learning

You can easily make the cleaning part of the learning process. Your kids don't have to look at cleaning as a separate activity that must be done after everything else. Instead, you can allocate learning time for cleaning. Include cleaning into their daily learning timetable such that there is a session during study time that's assigned strictly to cleaning as a lesson.

The lessons here can include keeping the study area as tidy as possible while using it and how to clean up whatever mess that might remain after each learning session is over. When kids learn how to keep their study environment clean, they develop a sense of independence and higher self-esteem. They don’t have to wait for you to come and clean the space for them.

Come up With a Daily Chore Chart and Reward System

Now that you have followed these parent tips for distance learning tips to bring your kids onboard in the cleaning as they engage in distance learning, you can up the game by coming up with a reward system.  But this reward system should be based on some known criteria. The chart forms the basis of this criterion and should include sections indicating days of the week, a list of tasks, and each child’s names matched to specific tasks. Remember to check the tasks with the child's abilities.

The reward system should be motivational, and part of the fun aspect mentioned earlier. For instance, you can allow them to engage in their other fun activities once they are through with the cleaning or occasionally offer them some goodies such as cookies.

What If They Go Back to School this Fall?

Hopefully, the situation improves and children can mostly go back to school safely, and you are left with your home to reorganize and clean.  Even if they don't go back to school, they are still kids, and they might not be able to do the kind of thorough cleaning you might want every day. When this happens, you have a better alternative to tidy up your home. It's time to get the services of cleaning experts in Brevard County, who can free you from the tedious task of tidying up your home after the kids have left for school after engaging in months of distance-learning.

Get in touch with this team of highly trained and experienced home cleaners and book for maid services in Brevard County.

Sep 17, 2020
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