Hiring A Home Cleaning Service During Covid-19? Follow These Key Safety Measures

Hiring A Home Cleaning Service During Covid-19? Follow These Key Safety Measures
By: Emaids

Is it safe to let a maid clean my home? This question has come up plenty of times during the pandemic. Because of that, we wrote this basic cleaning checklist to avoid the risk of COVID-19 during a professional cleaning. Basic but essential, the following points are the main preventive measures everyone should follow if they booked a service. Also, we talk about what strict protocols your maid must follow while being in your home.

Ideal scenario: don’t be at home

The precautions with a cleaning maid service come down to a single aspect: avoid being in the same air space in which your cleaner is working. The maid will clean and disinfect everything she touched, so you only have to worry about direct contact with her. It is that simple. If you can leave home for a couple of days and return after the cleaner is finished working, that would be the best scenario to avoid any risks.

Second option: isolate yourself in a room

For many, leaving home is not an option, but you still can isolate yourself while your maid cleans the house. The goal is to avoid being in the same room at the same time. Have a way to communicate with your cleaner, either by call or text, and tell each other whenever you’re moving to another area.

Indicate to your maid the most touch areas

Think about your daily routine. What are the objects and surfaces you touch the most? The majority of people would say that the doorknobs, desks, counter tables, faucets, and other common surfaces like that. Tell the cleaning company you want to focus on those areas, so they don’t touch other surfaces in your home. You won’t have to worry about cross-contamination that much, and it would be so much easier to avoid being in the same room.

Open windows and doors

While your maid is working, and if the weather allows it, open all your windows and doors to let the air and sunlight enter the house. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, exposure to these conditions causes the virus to survive for less time. Keep those rooms ventilated and with warm rays of sun entering through the windows.




Mandatory use of gloves and masks

Please search for a maid or cleaning company that takes things seriously and openly communicates the implementation measures. Masks and gloves are essential to prevent the virus from spreading, and you have to see your maid wearing them at all times. We, of course, follow these strict guidelines.

Strict preventive protocols for maids

Every maid must wash their hands before and after living every home. Also, disinfect their tools, cleaning products, and interior of their vehicle, daily. These are other essential measures every professional cleaning company should have.

Employee health monitoring

No maid must work if they’re feeling sick or exhibiting symptoms of the virus. Health monitoring must occur daily to avoid any kind of risk of spreading the virus.

System to prevent cross-contamination

An excellent way to avoid spreading germs from room to room is using a color-code cloths system, and of course, disinfect them every day. Also, disinfecting shoes or using covering around them is an effective way to not carry germs from the outside.

We hope this information helps clear your doubts. If you want to book your cleaning service needs  or learn what is included in a basic house cleaning,

Jun 11, 2020
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