Home Sections That Are Often Neglected When it Comes To Cleaning

Home Sections That Are Often Neglected When it Comes To Cleaning
By: eMaids of NYC

A clean home is a safe place to live. It is the assurance of health for you and your loved ones. That is why it is important to clean the home regularly. This ensures dirt does not accumulate at home. Disease-causing microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi thrive in dirty places. Cleaning is the remedy that keeps these microorganisms away. While cleaning the home is important for health and self-confidence, you may not always have enough time to clean the entire house.

Some places only are cleaned rarely. At home, all areas are equally important and they all need cleaning. Basement, attics, garages, gutter s, and eavesdropping need to be cleaned but often get less cleaning attention. Therefore, if you have less time for these home areas, you may consider hiring cleaning maids. Cleaning maids have the professional skills needed for thorough home cleaning. They meet all your home cleaning needs. With the help of trained home-cleaning maids, the following parts of the house will be cleaned when you make bookings.



The space that you have below the pitched roof of your home is the attic. The space at home is between the top-floor ceiling and the roof. Attics have awkward shapes and they vary depending on the roof design of a home. Most of the time, they are used for storage. This makes them a good target for rodents and other irritating animals. Rats, mice, squirrels, and other animals may end up living in your attic if left in a mess.

Attics get less cleaning attention because they are meant for storage purposes. However, the maid-cleaning service is the solution to transform an untidy attic to a clean and well-organized one. Cleaning the attic will keep away all rodents that may harm your goods. During cleaning, some of the places where they live and hide get uncovered leaving them exposed. Thus, they get scared away from the attic.


Basements serve a similar purpose like the attic. However, they vary in size and can be used for other purposes. For instance, a basement can be a place to chill and relax. As compared to attics, the basement may get a little more attention when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. Cleaning and maintaining the basement is a demanding task. Therefore, if you do not have a well-defined cleaning schedule for the basement, you may end up cleaning it only once in several months or even once in a year.

To clean and maintain the basement regularly, you need to purposefully plan to do so. If it seems like a hard task or an inconveniencing chore, you can always hire cleaning maids. Cleaning maids have an in-depth knowledge of basement cleaning. They can identify all the areas with dirt and make them sparkling clean. Alternatively, you can also ask family members or even friends to help you out in cleaning when you find a perfect time for basement cleaning.


The garage is an area specified to keep your cars, motorcycle, bicycle, and any other transport machinery. A garage is one of the places at home that easily and quickly gets dirty. Since it is meant for car storage, there is a high risk of catching airborne diseases such as colds due to dust accumulation. Therefore, you need to clean the garage more regularly as compared to the attic and basement. When you are driving home after work, you want to end up in a clean garage. Cleaning the garage means taking out everything to empty it. It means scrubbing dirt off every nook and cranny. Bear in mind that most rodents find a perfect shelter in dirty garages. Living with rodents in the garage only results in damaged things you kept in the garage.

Roof gutters and eavesdropping

Roof gutters and eavesdroppings are vital in a house because they protect your home from water damage. If gutters are left unclean for a long time, debris and other forms of dirt will clog water passage and affect their performance. When it rains, it will be easy for stormwater to trickle down to your foundation and cause damage. Other parts of the home that may get damaged, as a result, include the basement and walls. In that regard, it is essential to personally clean the gutters or hire the services of cleaning maids.

You do not have to be the one cleaning your home all the time. Companies that do moving in and out cleaning in New York also offer cleaning services for special parts of the home that get less attention during regular home cleaning. All you need to do before booking for cleaning services is to inspect your home to identify the areas that urgently need cleaning. Cleaning companies will take care of the rest after you book them!

Sep 02, 2015
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