How It’s Like To Work In A Cleaning Company? An eMaids Guide!

eMaids of NYC - How It's Like To Work In A Cleaning Company An eMaids Guide!
How It’s Like To Work In A Cleaning Company? An eMaids Guide!
By: Emaids

You need a career you love, and you can find it here in New York City!

Be part of the best cleaning company in town! eMaids of NYC is looking for people with your talents to become full-time cleaners! You don't have to imagine how it would be to work with eMaids. Here we tell you the benefits of working with us!

Be part of eMaids of NYC!

We can't hide it: we are proud of being part of a nationwide cleaning franchise! 

Since 2004, eMaids has been growing and expanding all across the USA. eMaids is different from any other big cleaning company, as each office is managed locally! 

Our client base is composed of families, single men and women, veterans, hardworking moms, and many other New York community members.

How is it like working with eMaids of NYC?

We often speak about the quality of our services, but not enough about how good the work environment is. If you are looking for a company where you can make a living while also helping people in your community, here we are! 

These are the benefits of working with us!

1. We work only with employees, never with subcontractors

You don't grow as a franchise by taking shortcuts! What does it mean for you? Simple! If you work for eMaids of NYC, you are an employee with every benefit you deserve! And we also prepare you to clean in the eMaids way!

Every new cleaner of eMaids undergoes a 46-hour intensive training program. During their first 5 days as eMaids professional cleaners, they learn everything needed to deliver safe and effective cleaning and disinfecting services. 

2. Our maids are #1, and we take care of them!

We focus on giving our clients excellent services, and they are important for us. However, we know that our maids are the ones making us the best cleaning franchise! Finding someone to clean houses is easy. However, finding a reliable and professional cleaner is totally different. 

Once we find the perfect maid, we take care of them! We'll never put our workers under safety or health risks, even if it means letting down a potential customer. You can expect us to be clear about the services we don't carry out each time a client makes an appointment. 

3. The work environment is great!

Happy employees are better at their jobs, and it shows when it's time to clean! We make everything possible to create a pleasant work environment.

How do we achieve it? 

The first thing we do is hiring only friendly people who share a love for cleaning. One of the first things that are considered in an applicant is the attitude and pride for cleaning!

Also, we keep the personal touch in all the relationships with our cleaning technicians. As a locally managed franchise, we have the best of a small local company and a nationwide company!

4. You have fair compensation

We believe that hard work needs fair compensation. Our prices are competitive, but that doesn't mean you'll be paid less! Once you are working with us, you'll notice it! Also, your hard work will never go unnoticed because the tips are yours!

Seize the opportunity!

Want to know what's the next step to be part of eMaids of NYC? Fill up this form right now! We'll be glad to hear from you!

Aug 10, 2021
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