How to Arrange Full House Cleaning Services for Someone Special

How to Arrange Full House Cleaning Services for Someone Special
By: Brittany Satterfield

Are you looking for a way to say I love you, spice up your Valentine’s day, or show someone special how much you care? While it may not be evident, it is likely your loved one would appreciate a helping hand at home.

After endless days of cleaning up after people, and pets too, attending to more house chores is probably not something to look forward to. Imagine the delight and surprise of your person when walking into a sparkling space without having to lift a finger.

These quick steps can help you find the maid services to pull off such an incredible gift: 

Step 1 - Explore Available Service Options

To find the perfect house cleaning service package, you should start by exploring the different available options. Some standard cleaning service packages online include:

House Cleaning

In addition to the traditional cleaning of bathrooms, counters, floors, furniture and more, traditional house cleaning, a reliable house cleaning service will also wipe down cabinets and baseboards, polish chrome, remove cobwebs, make your bed and more.

Deep Cleaning

Unlike regular house cleaning, deep clean packages typically include disinfecting high traffic areas. Usually, maid services will disinfect door knobs, appliance handles, light switches, window handles, and faucets. This package leaves every area and item in your home spotless.

Move In/Out Cleaning

Are you planning to surprise your someone special with a new home or apartment? You can ease the burden by arranging moving in/out cleaning services. This gift option allows time to enjoy the new house rather than starting to clean immediately when you move in. This housekeeping service option allows you to choose what you want the trained professionals to clean for you.

Step 2 - Consult Service Provider

At times, it can be challenging to identify the specific cleaning package to best suit your needs. Don’t hesitate to reach out for a more detailed explanation of cleaning options.

This step can also help you express any concerns. A well trained house cleaner can advise and guide you on charges, safety measures, and proper planning in order to prepare your home for cleaning on Valentine's day, or any other special chosen day.

Step 3 - Schedule Your House Cleaning

Now that you’ve determined the preferred cleaning services for your house, you can collaborate with the team of maids to schedule your cleaning. When doing this, be sure you select the time that works best for professional cleaners to work in your home.

If you’re planning a surprise this Valentine's Day with a cleaning service, share details with your service provider such as what time you’ll be out of the house for a lunch or dinner date. This way, they can organize the cleaning before your return.

Step 4 - Leave the Rest to Your Cleaning Company

You’ve selected the right cleaning package and scheduled your cleaning with the service provider. Now, leave the cleaning to professionals while you celebrate.

Some people might feel anxious leaving their house to be cleaned by a third party. Fortunately, reputable and reliable house cleaning companies are bonded, insured and impeccably reviewed, upholding integrity and building healthy relationships with clients.

Remember, professional maids are trained and well-equipped for the tasks, so you can always be assured you’ll find your house neat, well-arranged, and sparkling.

Worried about cleaning supplies? Don’t be. The right cleaning team will have your back with top-quality, home-friendly products for all your surfaces. You can relax knowing your living space is in expert, well-trained hands as it transforms from drab to fab.


Secretly arranging a complete cleaning for your home service can seem like an uphill struggle, especially if it’s your first time. With modern cleaning services available to book online from highly rated service providers like eMaids, you can accomplish this easily online with just a few clicks. Consult your preferred cleaning company, choose the cleaning package that best fits your needs, schedule your cleaning, and let the experts work their magic. Then, sit back and watch your loved one smile while taking in this gift!


Mar 05, 2023
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