How To Clean That Dusty Mess After A Renovation

How To Clean That Dusty Mess After A Renovation
How To Clean That Dusty Mess After A Renovation
By: Emaids

Renovating your home or office can be a thrilling experience. Still, you need to know this: it can be a messy process too! 

Cleaning after a renovation is different from regular cleaning for one reason: you'll find tons of dust. Even if the contractors removed most debris, fine dust might cover the area around the renovation.  

However, removing all that dust doesn't have to become a headache! Here you can learn how to clean after a renovation.

Step #1. Prepare for cleaning fine dust particles

Breathing dust particles is not just a nuisance, but it can lead to different health issues. Avoiding exposing yourself to concrete dust and other particles should be a priority! 

Here is what you should do as a precaution:

  • Wear a dust respirator to avoid breathing any harmful airborne particles. 
  • Protect your eyes and skin with the proper gear.

Step #2. Vacuum everything

It may be ironic, but your trusty duster isn't the best option to clean all that dust. Fine concrete and cement particles go airborne easily and can take several hours to settle down. 

Instead, bring the best vacuum cleaner you have at hand—preferably with a HEPA filter. With the dusting attachment, start vacuuming the highest fixtures and appliances. Also, clean upholstery furniture with the proper attachment. Lastly, vacuum the floor thoroughly.

Step #3. Wipe down large surfaces

If the renovation leaves lots of debris behind, a quick vacuuming won't be enough to remove all the dust. Instead, you can pick a cloth and wipe down the large surfaces that still seem dirty. Spray or apply the cleaning product you usually use on each surface type.

Also, you might need to wipe down surfaces that are neglected during a regular cleaning routine, like walls, windows, moldings, and doors. It might take some time, but it's the best way to remove the fine dust particles!

Step #4. Do a detailed cleaning

Once you finish with the large surfaces, you need to find the hidden areas that need cleaning. Check out the ceiling fans' blades, light fixtures, handles, hinges, small appliances, cables, and every item or place where dust might be hiding. Wipe them with a cloth as you usually do. 

Step #5. Ensure the air filtering system is in top shape

During a renovation project, large amounts of dust can go airborne and reach the vents of your HVAC. Wipe down the vent grates and make sure concrete dust isn't piled up inside the ducts. 

Also, it's a great time to give maintenance to your air conditioner system. Make sure the filters are working on their prime. If not, you might need to replace them.

Step #6. Vacuum the floors again

Dust might have fallen off onto the floor while wiping the walls and cleaning the room or office thoroughly. Vacuum the carpets or hard floor again to ensure you capture most renovation dust!

Hire a reliable post-construction cleaning in Washington DC

As you can see, cleaning after a renovation is a back-breaking job—and you might not even have the time to do it. Instead, you can let eMaids of Washington DC do the cleaning!

After booking your post-construction cleaning service here, you can relax and just enjoy your freshly renovated home or office!

Jan 12, 2022
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