How To Clean Your Shower Head With Vinegar (Hassle-Free!)

How To Clean Your Shower Head With Vinegar (Hassle-Free!)
By: Emaids

Mineral deposits are an issue for your shower head. Water stains look terrible and cause blockages, affecting the water flow or cutting it out completely. Besides, bacteria and mold can grow over the buildup, and having that nasty stuff on your skin is the last thing you want.

Do you wish to remove it but are wary of the strong chemicals you could need? Don't worry! All the products you need are already in your home, and the best part is that you won't have to work yourself too hard. Read on to learn how to clean your head shower easily!

How to clean your head shower with vinegar

There are a couple of different ways you can clean your shower head, but not every one of those is equally effective nor easy to carry on. So, here is a method involving vinegar you can apply any time that will do the job just right.

Step #1. Bathing the head shower

To begin, grab a plastic bag and fill it partway with vinegar. Be careful with the amount not to spill it when you submerge the nozzle. Place the bag around the shower head until it's fully immersed. Adjust the vinegar level as necessary.

Step #2. Let vinegar dissolve the buildup

Next, carefully tie the bag with a rubber band, so it doesn't slip, and let it act for several hours. If the shower head is particularly crusty, it will be better to let it in place all night. For fixtures with a nickel, brass, or gold coat, leave it for 30 minutes maximum to avoid damaging it.

Once the time has passed, remove the bag and drain all the vinegar. Let the hot water run through your shower for a minute to eliminate any remaining deposits.

Step #3. Make it shine again

Scrub the shower head with a toothbrush if you see any crusty remains. Look for limestone around the water holes and turn the hot water on to drain what's left. 

Once all the buildup seems gone, buff the fixture with a microfiber cloth until the surface is spotless.

In-depth cleaning for your shower head

Try this if there's still mineral buildup after finishing the previous method—you'll leave your shower head as good as new!

Step #1. Removing and cleaning

This time you'll have to remove the shower head. Wrap a soft cloth around the nut to avoid damaging it when loosening it with a wrench. Then, soak the fixture in a bucket with vinegar and leave it overnight—no more than 30 minutes for brass, gold, and nickel-coated ones.

Note: If it is a metal nozzle, you can simmer it in a pot filled with vinegar for 30 minutes. 

Step #2. Final touches

When the shower head is ready, take it out and rinse it upside down under hot water to dissolve the remaining deposits. Use a toothbrush to scrub tough spots and a needle or security pin to poke and open the water holes.

Before screwing the shower head again, apply plumbing tape to the threaded end of the pipe to prevent leaks. Once fastened, let hot water run through the fixture to remove the residue.

Keep the grime away from your house

Now that your shower head is clean and shiny, why not match the rest of the house? eMaids of NYC will gladly tackle all your cleaning chores and let your home sparkling clean. We are part of a renowned cleaning franchise around the country, so we guarantee top-quality services. Book with us today!

Jun 14, 2022
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