How To Get Rid Of Cobwebs And Stop Them From Coming Back

How To Get Rid Of Cobwebs And Stop Them From Coming Back
By: Emaids

Is it too early for Halloween decorations? Then, having cobwebs and spiders all over your house is not something you want.

However, cobwebs might be harder to remove than people think. They are very sticky, and you'll find them in hard-to-reach spots in your home. Also, a (not so) fun fact: cobwebs can last for years if left undisturbed. 

But don't worry! Here are the best methods to eliminate cobwebs in your home (and prevent them from returning).

But first, how did cobwebs get there?

Let's start with the obvious: you have cobwebs because spiders put them there. 

However, spiders might no longer live on the cobweb (or inside your home). Generally, homeowners only notice cobwebs after they have gathered dust. In other words, the webs have been there for a while and are probably abandoned. 

But that doesn't mean you should leave cobwebs alone: They look bad and gather dust. Quite the contrary; you can remove them without worrying too much about a spider making a scene. 

How can I remove the cobwebs?

Now that we've established why you don't want to leave these pesky cobwebs lying around, we'll show you some simple ways to get rid of them.

Get a specialized tool

Spiders like small and dark places, so most cobwebs will be hidden in unreachable corners and crevices of your home—and removing them with the usual tools is not an option. However, you can buy a specialized cleaning tool for this challenging task. 

For example, an extendable soft duster will be an excellent investment for your regular cleaning routine. It won't only help you with the cobwebs but also with all those hard-to-reach corners and high places. Pretty useful, right?

Use a microfiber cloth and a pole

An effective and inexpensive way to clean the cobwebs is to use a microfiber cloth you already have. Attach the cloth to a stick or pole, and now you're ready to reach all the high and difficult places!

Even if you don't have a microfiber cloth at hand, you don't need to buy anything! Instead, you can use any spare microfiber sock; they are made of the same material as some of the cleaning tools you buy. 


All you need to do is get your trusty vacuum cleaner and some attachments to help you reach the cobwebs. Then, suck up all those sticky spider homes. Easy, right? Using your vacuum cleaner is a quick and almost effortless way to eliminate cobwebs.

How can I stop cobwebs from returning?

A problem doesn't get fixed with only a temporary solution. Surely you'll want to avoid dealing with cobwebs over and over, so we have some tips for you to prevent this from happening in the future.

Seal those cracks

If you are looking for a way to keep cobwebs at bay, you need to stop the spiders from coming in uninvited. Look carefully at your window sills and screens. Then, cover or seal the cracks you find. 

Sealing windows and cleaning cobwebs might not seem related at first, but spiders find their way inside your home thanks to the little cracks we hardly ever notice.

Try natural repellents

Natural remedies will be a great help in your fight against cobwebs. 

Spiders despise strong scents, so using essential oils is a great way to repel them! (and leaving your home with a pleasant smell in the process)

Peppermint and tea tree are the most popular essential oils used for repelling spiders. You can also try scents like lavender, eucalyptus, citronella, and cinnamon. 

Another option is to get a bottle of half water and half vinegar to spray around your house. 

Clean regularly

It might be a bit obvious to state, but one of the best ways of preventing cobwebs is to keep your house clean. 

However, constantly cleaning can be tiring and time-consuming. Also, it might be scary thinking about dealing with spiders and their eggs. We know, and we're here to help! At eMaids of NYC, we want to make this easy for you; all you have to do is book our service and let us clean while you relax!

Jul 12, 2022
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