How You Can Hire A Home Cleaning Service

How You Can Hire A Home Cleaning Service
By: eMaids of NYC

With the numerous home cleaning service options available these days, choosing the right one can get a bit confusing, right? Well, no more! Here's a quick guide to help you pick a home cleaning service that perfectly suits your needs.

    1. Decide what you need

First, determine what kind of cleaning services you need – the standard dusting and mopping or the full range of services with grouting, scrubbing, windows washing, etc.

    2. Do some research

Ask your neighbors, colleagues, friends and family members for recommendations on some reliable home cleaning service providers.

    3. Are they bonded & insured?

It is best to hire a bonded and insured cleaning service provider; because then if any accidents take place during the cleaning, it will be the company's responsibility.

    4. What about the cleaners' background checks?

Ask the service providers about the kind of background checks and screenings performed on the cleaners employed by them.

    5. Check their rates

Find out what are the rates for the cleaning services that they offer. It is better to hire those who charge one flat rate instead of the ones who charge on an hourly basis.

    6. Ask for free consultations

Many reputed companies visit the site and provide free consultations before you hire them. These consultations usually include cleaning suggestions and an estimate.

    7. Find out what services are NOT included

Some companies do not offer certain kinds of cleaning services like windows, air ducts, gutters, pet messes, etc. Ask which services are not a part of the package.

    8. See what materials & equipments they use

Do enquire about the products and equipments that will be used while cleaning your house. Nowadays, most cleaners use eco-friendly products instead of toxic chemicals.

    9. Is customer satisfaction guaranteed?

Choose a service provider that guarantees customer satisfaction. They are the ones who will strive to deliver the most satisfactory results.

    10. Get it all in writing

To avoid any future confusions and complications, it's best to have a written contract that details every single point discussed between you and the company.

Do Keep In Mind...

  • You may not get high-quality services at the lowest rates. Certain service providers may be a bit expensive, but they may also offer better services.
  • It's ideally better to pick a reputed and established professional cleaning service company rather than hiring an individual cleaner.
  • Clear communication with the cleaners is a must. Only when you explain exactly what you need will they be able to help you best.
Jun 08, 2016
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