Independent Maids Or Cleaning Companies: Who Should You Hire?

eMaids of Overland Park Independent Maids Or Cleaning Companies Who Should You Hire
Independent Maids Or Cleaning Companies: Who Should You Hire?
By: Emaids

While looking for a professional house cleaner, you may find independent maids and cleaning companies offering almost the same services. Although cleaning companies and independent cleaners can seem alike, they have key differences that you should know before hiring a house cleaning service. Read this blog post to learn more about it! 

Independent maids vs. cleaning companies

Independent maids are contractors offering their services in direct agreement with the client. On the other hand, cleaning companies hire and train employees to clean the client's home. Most clients won't notice a difference between cleaning companies or independent cleaners just by seeing them work. However, although both types of cleaners are very alike, these are differences that you should know before hiring a maid service:


Cleaning companies are known for their reliability. Although an independent cleaner should be reliable too, it depends on the cleaner in question. When you hire a cleaning contractor, it's up to you to ensure if they are trustworthy. Interviewing candidates, checking for references, and agreeing to a trial period is part of selecting the right cleaner for your home. On the other hand, cleaning companies interview and run a background check in every cleaner they take in as an employee, so you don’t have to worry about this selection process at all.


Cleaning companies and cleaning contractors often have preset services. However, an independent contractor is more flexible when it comes to adapting to their client's needs. Independent cleaners are often independent housekeepers too, including tasks like decluttering or folding laundry. On the other hand, cleaning companies usually stick to cleaning-related tasks. Focusing on cleaning is not necessarily a problem, as companies are more efficient in delivering their cleaning services. 

Training and skills

Independent maids and cleaners in a company can be equally skilled in their area. However, cleaning companies take care of their cleaners’ training and certifications. Quality assurance is important for larger companies. Some cleaning businesses even guarantee their client's satisfaction, as we do in eMaids of Overland Park.

Legal obligations

When you hire a cleaning service, cleaning companies and contractors should retain and pay taxes. However, hiring a contractor could get complicated, especially if you are looking for a part-time or full-time maid. If the IRS determines that a cleaner is your employee, you'll have to fulfill the employer’s legal obligations. Hiring a professional cleaning company means forgetting about the legal hassle.


Cleaning companies are an intermediary between you and the professional cleaner. On the contrary, the communication with an independent cleaner doesn't have intermediaries. When a cleaning company is well-organized, this shouldn't be a problem at all. However, being able to call or send a message can be a benefit. Do you need to reschedule? Or leave a special instruction? Having direct contact with the cleaner can speed up communication.

Scheduling and number of cleaners

Working with a solo contractor means that your cleaning schedule has to match their schedule. If an independent maid is out of the city or unavailable, you'll have to wait.  Also, if you need a time-consuming deep cleaning service, hiring just one contractor could make the task much longer. On the other hand, a cleaning company has many employees that could be sent to your home. If your cleaner is on sick or vacation leave, they could send another employee to cover the cleaning schedule on time.


Considering only hourly rates, independent cleaners should charge less because they don't have the operation's cost of a cleaning business. However, comparing the overall cost of each type of service is tricky. Cleaning companies commonly use flat rates to charge for their services. This means that you don't have to worry about additional costs, even if your home needs more cleaners or a little longer to shine. Some cleaning companies can give you an exact estimate beforehand!

Now it's time to look for your best option. If hiring a cleaning company sounds right for you, give us a try, and we won't let you down! eMaids of Overland Park is an experienced and trustworthy cleaning company that offers professional and customizable services with a personal touch. Check out our services!

May 14, 2021
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