Minimalist Ways To Simplify Your Housework

Minimalist Ways To Simplify Your Housework
By: Emaids

Between family, friends, work, and home chores, modern lives are complicated. Although complexity isn't necessarily bad, hard-to-do cleaning chores might become incredibly overwhelming when it comes to housework. To prevent it, we gather easy ways to simplify housework based on minimalism. 

Simplified House Work: The Minimalist Guide

For a minimalist, less is more. Although minimalism isn't a cleaning technique, taking advantage of this way of thinking can simplify your cleaning chores. Sometimes, it's enough to divide the housework into small tasks to make it more manageable. Other times, simplicity comes after reducing the things that need cleaning.

1. Take the clutter out of your home 

Clutter is the minimalist nightmare. Cleaning piles of stuff and knick-knacksin addition to your furnishingsincrease the effort and time needed for your chores. Tidying up could be an easy task, or it could take you hours, depending on how much clutter you have. If it seems overwhelming, start focusing on each area at a time, like a counter or bookshelf. Once you finish decluttering your home, cleaning will be a breeze!

2. Create a minimalistic cleaning routine

Spreading your cleaning chores throughout the week simplifies them. Look out for gaps in your routine to fill them up with cleaning chores, for example, laundering your clothes while working out at home. Also, dividing the tasks between household members turns cleaning into the sum of many small efforts.

3. Reduce your wardrobe

Reducing your wardrobe might turn laundry much simpler. When you don't have tons of clothes to use, you'll likely see less piled-up laundry.  Trying out a fabric refresher spray as an alternative to your washing machine is another way to simplify this chore.

4. Keep the dishes you need

With only a set of dishware and cutlery for each household member, doing the dishes won't be a painful chore again. Washing your dishes after eating takes only a few minutes. Minimalism applies when cooking too. Grime gets pretty stuck on your pots and pans, and washing your kitchenware as you cook will save you a lot of scrubbing (or you can leave the pots soaking to prevent the leftovers from sticking)

5. Use some help

As we mentioned, a way to adopt a minimalist spirit is dividing efforts between household members. However, your household isn't the only place to find help. Investing in an automated cleaning robot can seem like the least minimalist thing to do, but it sure minimizes your chores! Hiring a cleaning service is another way to simplify your cleaning.

PLUS: Pair cleaning with an activity you enjoy

Most people don't find cleaning fun. Paring chores with activities you actually enjoy is a great motivation to do your housework. It could be listening to music, an audiobook, or trying meditation! Pairing the same chores and activities establishes an easy-to-follow routine. Also, you will be doing two activities at a time while enjoying cleaning your home!

We are sure this minimalist guide will do wonders for your cleaning routine. If you are looking to simplify even more your chores, let us help you! We are eMaids of Overland Park, a local cleaning company you can trust. Get your quote now!

Mar 09, 2021
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