Missed A Spot? These Places Need Cleaning Too!

Missed A Spot? These Places Need Cleaning Too!
Missed A Spot? These Places Need Cleaning Too!
By: Emaids

Maybe you have a knack for keeping your home in order and dirt-free. However, there will always be overlooked places to clean. Most of these spots are very important since you come in contact with them very often, and you can even get sick because of this. 

These are some places you forget to clean in your home most of the time:

1. Under the Bed

If we don’t store things under the bed, this chunk of the floor is completely forgotten. Vacuums and brooms skip this area like it doesn’t exist.

2. Remote controls

The TV remote (and any control) are home to an astounding number of germs and dead cells from our own skin. To stop germs from spreading, disinfect the remote controls often.

3. Door frames

If you have door frames, be sure to check if there isn’t much dust on top of them. If so, remember to clean them from time to time.

4. The Doors Themselves

The door itself is neglected most of the time. It’s never too late to dust and wipe it with a cleaning solution that helps wood last longer!

5. Microwave

For a quick meal or reheat leftovers, the microwave oven is your best friend. However, leaving food residue build-up inside your microwave is no good for you. Scrub that oven now!

6. Toasters

Many of these have a special tray underneath them for breadcrumbs. Just slide it open and dispose of them.

7. Light Switches

We touch these every day, so it makes sense to clean them daily! Use a cloth and your trusted disinfectant to wipe buttons and their covers. 


Stay away from power outlets.

8. Behind the Toilet

When it comes to bathroom cleaning, we tend to mop the floors and wipe the mirror. However, that little area behind the toilet can be easily missed.

9. Ceiling Fans

If there isn’t any summer heat, chances are the fans are always off. That is how you stop remembering them. Get yourself a ladder and dust them carefully.

10. Under the chair legs

When cleaning the floors, moving a chair out of the way is not enough—most chair legs have trapped hair under them. Lift them and remove the hairs and debris you find.

11. Computer Keyboards

Canned air is great to clean keyboards and electronics. If you use one for a desktop computer, one simple trick is to disconnect it, flip it over, and give it a little slap. You’ll be amazed at the amount of dirt they drop. Doing this will prevent sudden malfunctions and stuck keys.

12. Cellphones

It is like the remote control scenario, but several times worse. You put cellphones next to your ear and handle them while doing something else. If the phone is germy, touching it represents a health hazard—including contracting viruses. A simple disinfectant wipe will do the trick.

13. Inside Trash Cans

In time, bins and cans will get dirty, even if you put bags inside them. Give them a wash.

14. Closet Floors

Not just the floors you walk over need cleaning. Check your closets, especially the areas of the floor they were built on.

15. Washing Machines

It’s only natural after dozens, if not hundreds of washing cycles, you’ll find soap scum and dirt buildup. Baking soda and vinegar will help.

It may not seem like much, but these little things add up to a spotless home and will prevent potential health risks in the long run. For bigger things and complete top to bottom cleaning, call eMaids of Washington DC. We have the best customer service and the personal touch you can trust. Let’s begin right now!

Dec 15, 2021
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