Relax, You Can Still Have A Thanksgiving In Florida This Year

Relax, You Can Still Have A Thanksgiving In Florida This Year
By: Emaids

This year is throwing us for a loop. 

Just like any other celebration, Thanksgiving will probably look slightly different, but you will get to see it as an opportunity to create new traditions and save money! Whether you plan to host a meal this year or keep it low key, now is the perfect time to create new memories. While it seems like COVID-19 has canceled many activities this year, Thanksgiving isn't one of them. But with the pandemic still ongoing, it will look different and may not feature all the usual activities.

Ways to safely celebrate Thanksgiving in pandemic times

Perhaps you are looking for thoughtful ways to show your loved ones that you care about them. To assist you, feast your eyes on these quarantine-friendly Thanksgiving ideas! 

  1.       Single servings

Many hosts of Thanksgiving parties prefer buffet-style of serving. But more hands-on serving means more germs. Instead, pick a head chef or any other designated person to serve instead of everyone passing around the buffet area.

Avoid shared snacks or appetizers, and if you put snacks, wrap them individually or serve in separate utensils. Before serving food, ask guests to sanitize or wash their hands.

If alcohol is being served, be mindful of the impacts. Try and make an effort to remind guests not to share anything that has been in their mouth.

  1.       Set Up an outdoor entertainment

There’s no place like the great outdoors in a yard full of loved ones.

If outdoor entertainment is your favorite Thanksgiving activity, try and keep your gatherings small, local, and within your social group.

 You can choose to watch a game or set up a competition with games like badminton, corn, or croquet. For watching a game, set up a projector outside to screen football or a favorite movie. All this can be a fun way to play together safely.                                 

  1.       Throw a backyard bash

It’s tough being stuck inside, especially with young kids. If the weather is good, why not celebrate Thanksgiving outside? Being outdoors will reduce the risk of exposure to any infection.

Additionally, if you are having a gathering with more than five people (but less than the permitted for social gatherings), don't set up one big table. Instead, break up seating into smaller parties to make mealtime safer.

  1.       Order Thanksgiving meal

Thanksgiving is no exception!

Many restaurants have already started offering family-size meals to go. Instead of putting so much effort into cooking and expose yourself to infections, making orders is the way to go!

You’ll also be saving time and stress at the same time supporting your local restaurants.

  1.       Conduct friendly neighborhood delivery

A great way to show gratitude this year is to prepare your favorite recipes for your family and neighbors.

You can also sign up for an organization that delivers meals to seniors and people who may need help.

Consider donating to families that are at a high risk of severe illness from COVID-19. While doing all these, take all the safety precautions by delivering in a contact-free way.

Additional Safety Tips to Celebrate Thanksgiving

  •         Order food, if you can’t travel to your family.
  •         Decorate your house in festive flair.
  •         Have a virtual dinner with family and friends.
  •         Conduct an outdoor picnic.

Bottom line       

Thanksgiving Day is a jewel, a time of togetherness and gratitude, but be careful not to take the day and leave out the appreciation. As much as we hope for traditional gatherings, celebrating in the middle of a pandemic may be more difficult.

Having a small gathering is the way to go this year. This article has provided you with meaningful ideas on how to celebrate Thanksgiving safely. As you plan to invite your loved ones for a Thanksgiving party, try to adapt to new ways to enjoy it safely.

And don’t worry about the mess or disinfecting after dinner. Hire a house cleaning services after a happy Thanksgiving. Book now.

Nov 10, 2020
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