Should You Hire A Cleaning Company To Disinfect Your Home?

Should You Hire A Cleaning Company To Disinfect Your Home?
Should You Hire A Cleaning Company To Disinfect Your Home?
By: Emaids

After the pandemic, everybody realized that living in a clean and safe environment is crucial. Cleaning is important, but disinfecting is what makes a space safe from bacteria and viruses. However, hiring a disinfecting service is not enough; you need to make sure the company will disinfect your home effectively.

To choose the best disinfection service, you should know the company's sanitizing process. In this blog, we tell you everything you need to know before hiring disinfecting services.

What is the difference between cleaning and disinfecting?

Microorganisms like bacteria and viruses are present in most environments, including your home. Many of these organisms are not dangerous for humans or pets, but some can cause diseases. The disease-causing microbes are called germs or pathogens. Cleaning and disinfecting are closely related, but they differ when we speak of germs. 

You can't be sure if a surface is germ-free just by cleaning it. Cleaning is physically removing dirt, debris, and other particles from surfaces and objects. Cleaning also takes microbes away but not as thoroughly as disinfecting. To disinfect, professionals apply a chemical product that can kill or destroy almost every germ on a surface. According to the CDC, you should first clean an object or surface before disinfecting it to ensure the best results. 

What products work as disinfectants

Disinfectants are chemical products that can destroy most germs on a surface or object. To ensure that a chemical solution works as a disinfectant, it should be tested and approved by the Environmental Protection Agency. You can consult the EPA list of approved products for coronavirus and other germs.

On another subject, using a disinfectant effectively could be complex. The process varies depending on the pathogen, and the wrong proportion might decrease the disinfectant's effectiveness. 

Remember that disinfectants are harsh chemical substances and should be handled with care. If you are going to use a disinfectant, always read the label and follow the instructions. If you are going to disinfect a surface yourself, make sure you are following the CDC guidelines

Do you need to hire a professional to disinfect your home?

Regarding the pandemic, respiratory hygiene and hand-washing are the most effective ways to prevent the virus from spreading. With the proper care, you should disinfect highly touched areas like switches and door handles. However, there are other germs that you should take out of your home.

As we mentioned before, many germs can survive after cleaning your home, becoming a health hazard. Most pathogens are impossible to see. Foodborne germs like E.coli can be present in the countertops or other areas of your kitchen. Your bathroom and other humid places should be sanitized to prevent mold or other microbes from building up. By hiring experienced professionals, you can ensure your home is germ-free.

eMaids of New York takes your health seriously. You can learn more about our disinfection service here. Hiring our services is hassle-free with our online booking!

Apr 16, 2021
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