Thanksgiving Tips For After Dinner Cleanup

Thanksgiving Tips For After Dinner Cleanup
By: Emaids

Not only does Thanksgiving involve cooking but cleaning the house for your guests too!

Cleaning and disinfecting go hand in hand. Especially during this COVID-19 pandemic, few celebrations like Thanksgiving have been spared.

Every November, family, friends, colleagues, food, and fall colors all come together for a celebration.

If you are hosting your family and friends this year, make cleaning and disinfecting easier for yourself. With these simple tips from home cleaning experts, you'll save your time, effort, and worry —both before and after your big meal. 

Before And After Cleaning Tips Thanksgiving

People often think Thanksgiving is all about overeating turkey. However, if you host one of these events, you'll know what it is to be exhausted from cleaning and cooking. 

Ready for a secret? Check out the following cleaning and disinfecting tips to make your day less stressful.      

Cleaning Tips before Dinner 

Before, dinner cleaning will be more intense because of all the pressure from cooking to welcoming guests. The following cleaning tips will help you get ahead of the day.

  •  Sweep porches, foyers, and mudrooms before guests arrive.       

The first thing your guests want to see is a clear pathway. Blow the leaves off your sidewalk and driveway to make a beautiful first impression.

  • Close the doors to any rooms that you don’t want guests to enter

If you haven’t had a chance to clean all the rooms, you can choose to close the doors so that guests will not enter.

  •  Create space in the closet

Clear out space in your closet to allow family and friends to store their personal belongings like coats and umbrellas.

  • Clean and organize your kitchen.                                   

Organize and tidy your kitchen so that it will accommodate massive amounts of cooking.

  • Tidy guest rooms and Bathrooms

Suppose you have visitors coming to sleepover, dust, and vacuum the rooms. Additionally, scrub the bathrooms and clean the curtains. Stock your bathroom with plenty of hand towels, tissues, and soap.

After Dinner Thanksgiving Cleaning Tips

After dinner, cleaning is much simpler because you might get help from one of your guests. Here are Thanksgiving cleaning tips that you will need after dinner.

  • Sweeping and washing the living room, kitchen, and dining room.
  • Wash the dishes.
  • Pack leftovers into plastic food storage beans.
  • Clearing napkins from the table.
  • Collect utensils.

How to Effectively Disinfect Your Home

Cleaning and disinfecting go hand in hand but are two different things. Cleaning helps remove dirt, whereas disinfecting kills pathogens and bacteria. Follow these tips and disinfect like a pro.

  • Wear gloves

Be sure to discard them after use.

  •  Disinfect door handles.

Remember, one of the dirtiest places in your house is on the door handles. After cleaning, disinfect all the door handles.

  • Use a disinfecting wipe to clean surfaces.

Use regular cleaning products, soaps, or detergents to remove germs on frequently touched surfaces.

  • Use alcohol-based wipes to disinfect touch screens.

Remember to wear a disposable glove when cleaning and disinfecting surfaces.

Final Thoughts

While Thanksgiving involves a lot of work, it is also essential to spend time with family and friends. Cleaning ahead will help you enjoy socialize without worries.

Every intervention you put in place will increase your ability for a safer Thanksgiving dinner. Don't let cleaning stress you out. Plan and know what to expect before and after dinner.

In return, you'll wow your guests with a pleasant, calm, and heavenly environment while hosting the big day. 

Visit us, to see disinfecting and sanitizing services that will suit your home before and after the party.

Nov 10, 2020
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