The 5 Fundamentals For an Easy and Fast Clean

The 5 Fundamentals For an Easy and Fast Clean
By: Emaids

Many years in the business have taught us a thing or two about cleaning. People ask us for tips and tricks to clean faster, hoping for a master tool, a miracle cleaning product, or a faster way to clean the bathroom. Although you can easily find house cleaning hacks like these, the real problem with cleaning is a set of mind and a lack of planning. The following five principles will give you the basis to clean faster and intelligently, in every situation.

1.  Find your motivation

Sometimes having a clean home isn’t good enough motivation. That’s normal. Many people need an extra push to do the chores: they listen to their favorite upbeat music, hear a podcast or book to achieve two tasks at once, or take cleaning as exercise. Also, getting rid of dust and mold will prevent many diseases and allergies. Whatever your case is, find your motivator and you’ll be more willful to act.

2.  Define a plan and schedule

Make it official: your cleaning chores are necessary and need their own schedule. Make the habit, build discipline, and enjoy the process. Also, define a plan to minimize the amount of work you have to do. This means reducing your movement as much as you can, like cleaning all parts of the bathroom first and then going to the bedrooms. But, consider a plan to avoid cross-contamination and tasks that require particular time off like waiting for the floor to dry after moping. By doing these plans, you’ll be sure you’re spending time and energy the best way.

3.  Include your roomies or family members

Cleaning isn’t a task for one. Perhaps not all your roomies or family members will be glad, but talk to them and make a team for cleaning your home easier and faster. Don’t hesitate to ask for help. Make a cleaning plan, a schedule, and consider their opinions. With the right motivation and planning, everybody will help neatly. And most importantly: everyone who cleans is more reluctant to mess it up in the future.

4.  Buy the right tools

The lack of proper tools is one huge aspect of what makes cleaning a dreaded task. For example, if your house has heavy furniture and your classic vacuum cleaner doesn’t reach narrow places, try buying one with a smaller, detachable cleaner. However, most tools you’ll need will be cheap and basic: sponges, wipes, brushes, rags, plastic bags, mops, and dusters. You will work a lot easier if you know how to use every tool you have, and cleaning will become a much-friendly chore.

5.  Mess less, clean less

Cleaning will become easier if there’s isn’t much to clean. Set the rules for a cleaner home. Reduce your waste, put everything in its place once you stop using it, and clean your shoes before entering the house. Every home will have its specific rules, and you have to define them to reduce dust, mold, and dirt from gathering indoors. With all this in mind, your home will be clean and tidy for a longer time.

We hope these cleaning tips, tricks, and hacks are useful for your daily home routine. However, if you are struggling to find the time to clean, remember that we, eMaids of Kansas City, are providing cleaning and disinfecting home services. Book your service on our website.

Jun 11, 2020
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