The Aftermath: Cleaning Up the Kitchen After Christmas Feast

dishes piled up on the counter after Christmas
The Aftermath: Cleaning Up the Kitchen After Christmas Feast
By: Brittany Satterfield

The joyful chaos of Christmas feasting often leaves the kitchen in disarray, but fear not! With a strategic plan and a dash of enthusiasm, post-Christmas kitchen cleanup can be efficient and even enjoyable. Let's dive into specific tips for tidying up the heart of your home after the festive feast.

Embrace the Post-Cooking Cleanup

Tackle the Dishes Strategically

Start by gathering all dishes, pots, and pans. Begin with soaking items that need a little extra attention. While they soak, wash the smaller items like utensils and glasses.

Wipe Down Surfaces as You Go

During the cooking process, spills and splatters are inevitable. Wipe down countertops and stove tops as you finish using them. It prevents stubborn stains and makes the final cleanup much easier.

Divide and Conquer

Enlist the help of family members to divide and conquer the cleaning tasks. Assign specific areas or types of dishes to each person to streamline the process.

Organizing Leftovers

Prioritize Fridge Space

Before diving into leftovers, make space in the refrigerator. Remove expired items and reorganize to accommodate the influx of holiday goodies.

Invest in Storage Containers

Invest in a variety of storage containers to keep leftovers fresh and organized. Opt for containers that are microwave-safe for easy reheating.

Label and Date

Prevent mystery containers from lurking in the fridge by labeling and dating leftovers. This simple step makes it easy to identify what needs to be consumed first.

Efficiently Tackle Post-Feast Cleanup

Soak and Scrub

For stubborn stains on dishes and cookware, let them soak in warm, soapy water. This makes it easier to scrub away grime and grease later.

Clean as You Go

While tackling the aftermath, clean as you go. It minimizes the mess and prevents overwhelming buildup.

Enlist the Dishwasher's Help

If you have a dishwasher, use it strategically. Load it with smaller items while tackling larger, hand-wash-only items separately.

Clearing the Kitchen Clutter

Dispose of Food Scraps

Dispose of food scraps promptly to avoid unpleasant odors. If possible, compost vegetable peels and other compostable items.

Store Non-Perishables

Store non-perishable items in their designated places. It helps restore order to your kitchen and ensures everything is where it should be.

Sweeping and Mopping

Once the dishes are done, sweep the floors to capture any crumbs. Follow up with a thorough mop to give your kitchen a fresh, clean feel.

Take a Moment to Relax

Celebrate the Accomplishment

After the kitchen is back in order, take a moment to celebrate the accomplishment. Enjoy a cup of tea or a glass of wine and savor the satisfaction of a clean, organized space.

Delegate and Share the Joy

Encourage family members to participate in the cleanup process. Not only does it lighten the load, but it also transforms a chore into a shared experience.

Reflect on the Memories

As you clean, reflect on the memories created during the feast. The mess is a testament to the joyous moments shared with loved ones.


The aftermath of a Christmas feast may seem daunting, but with the help of eMaids it can be easy and stress free. Schedule a deep clean of your kitchen, dining, and seating areas following the holidays so that eMaids can do the hard work for you. After your holiday meal, you may need to do some light clean up - but relax and take comfort knowing that eMaids will get your home even cleaner than before the meal very soon!

Dec 28, 2023
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