Vinegar 101: Is Vinegar Good For Cleaning?

Vinegar 101: Is Vinegar Good For Cleaning?
Vinegar 101: Is Vinegar Good For Cleaning?
By: Emaids

Let's begin with an unpopular opinion: vinegar is not your best option for every cleaning chore!  It doesn't mean that vinegar is bad for cleaning, just that it's not the most outstanding product for housework! However, it has many benefits that you can use for your cleaning chores! 

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Is vinegar a natural alternative to other cleaning products?

People acknowledge vinegar as a natural product because it comes mainly from fruits and grains. Acetic acid (vinegar's main component) appears during a double fermentation and gives vinegar its acidic nature. 

Why do people use vinegar for cleaning? Vinegar is acidic enough to cut through grease and even kill germs. However, commercial vinegar (usually 5% acetic acid) doesn't release toxic fumes or irritate the skin, as other cleaning chemicals do.  

Then, why isn't vinegar the ultimate cleaner? 

Acidity is what makes vinegar helpful in many cleaning chores. However, for this exact reason, vinegar could etch stone surfaces or remove some wood finishes. On the other hand, vinegar is not harsh enough to work as an efficient disinfectant.

For both reasons, when it comes to cleaning, vinegar has limited use. Nonetheless, it has some benefits! Here are some situations when vinegar works for cleaning.

When vinegar can work for your chores

Everyone is looking for the perfect cleaning product, and vinegar might not be. However, it doesn't mean that vinegar is useless for your chores. Here are some situations where vinegar is your best option!

1. Removing mineral and soap buildup

In cities like New York, water carries a moderate amount of calcium and other minerals. Those minerals will eventually build up on your faucets, shower head, and appliances. However, an easy way to remove mineral buildups is with vinegar!

2. After the soap (but not with the soap!)

Many online recipes involve mixing up vinegar with soap. Vinegar and soap will interact at a chemical level. While the chemical reaction is not of the dangerous kind, it won't benefit you either. Vinegar is acidic, and soap is alkaline. By mixing them, you are balancing their pH!

In fewer words, they cancel each other out when you mix them.


You can use soap and vinegar as an effective cleaning duo, but not simultaneously. Soap removes dirt, but it leaves residue. A vinegar solution (half water, half white vinegar) can rinse the soap and any remaining residue. Just make sure vinegar won't hurt that surface!

3. Cleaning rust

Vinegar might not be the best dirt remover available, but it can dissolve rust! First, soak the affected object in white vinegar—no need to dilute it in water. Give the vinegar enough time to act. Then, wiping rust away will be a walk in the park! 

4. As a mild non-toxic sanitizer

A disinfectant is a chemical product that kills nearly every microbe on a surface. As mentioned above, vinegar does kill germs, but it is not as effective as other disinfectants. However, with the proper precautions, vinegar might work as a non-toxic sanitizer!

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Oct 11, 2021
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