What To Expect From Your Next Professional Home Cleaning Service

Professional Home Cleaning Service
What To Expect From Your Next Professional Home Cleaning Service
By: Emaids

Residential and commercial cleaners offer a wide variety of services because every client has different needs. We know that homeowners might have doubts about what to expect when hiring a cleaning service—things such as payment or tasks included. We want to give you the big picture, especially if you're hiring professional cleaners for the first time. In this blog post, we tell you what to expect from a home cleaning service. 

What a professional cleaner can do

Most residential services require one or two cleaners, depending on your home size. A professional house cleaner should be able to clean highly-touched spots, vacuum the floors, and dust your entire home in less than two hours. For top-to-bottom cleaning, companies commonly offer deep cleaning services. The main difference between a regular cleaning service and a deep cleaning is attention to detail. During a deep-clean, professional cleaners perform time-consuming tasks, like cleaning baseboards and wiping inside cabinets. Some companies offer disinfecting services too.

Cleaning companies should have a list of specific cleaning tasks they can perform upon request with additional cost, like cleaning inside the fridge. Consider that professionals might refuse to do some chores, like running personal errands, organizing stuff, or any task that is not strictly related to cleaning. We recommend consulting the details of the company's services and asking if you have any questions.

Preparing your home for cleaning

Keep clutter and laundry out of sight

If a maid arrives at your home to pick up and organize stuff, it will be a waste of time. Some companies even charge you extra if they have to declutter before cleaning. Ensure that your home is clutter-free before professional cleaners arrive at your home.

Ensure the maid can access your home

A common question first-timers have when hiring a cleaning service is whether they need to be at home during the service or not. While the exact policies may vary from business to business, most cleaning companies will ask you to ensure the maid can access your home, either by giving a key or an entry code. If that's the case with your cleaning company, then you can be away while they work (or choose to stay, it's up to you!).

Is it safe for pets?

We know that cleaning products are sometimes harsh chemicals. For pet owners, it's important to know if their four-legged friends will be treated with care during the cleaning service. Some cleaning companies love pets and use only pet-friendly cleaning products. If you have pets, let your cleaning service provider know about them to ensure cleaners have the skill and knowledge to treat them properly.


What happens if something doesn't go according to plan?

A cleaning company should do everything they can to ensure your cleaning service goes according to plan. However, any job has risks. Bonding and insurance should cover the costs of accidental damage or an injury—if they occur at all. To reduce the chances of any mishappening, cleaning companies guarantee that maids are well-trained after selecting only trustworthy and background-checked employees. 

Also, inform your cleaning provider if you are not satisfied with the results. Many professional cleaners have a satisfaction guarantee, which often means that they are willing to go back to your home and redo some tasks they left unfinished.

Learn more about our services by visiting our FAQs section on our website. Hiring a professional cleaning service sounds great, right? The best part is that booking only takes a few minutes! We are ready to tackle your cleaning chores.

Apr 16, 2021
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