What to Look for in a NYC Commercial Cleaning Service

What to Look for in a NYC Commercial Cleaning Service
By: Brittany Satterfield

Whether trying to attract new clients, maintain the existing ones, or provide your staff a proper working environment, making sure your commercial space is clean boosts the aesthetic appeal and ambiance.

However, you likely don't have the time or necessary expertise to thoroughly clean around your business, especially on a regular basis. This is why most business owners ask, 'where can I find commercial services near me?'. What to look for when considering professional cleaning services, and what to think about before hiring a commercial cleaner is suggested here:

Considerations To Make When Hiring Commercial Cleaners

If you don’t want to pull your current workforce from performing prominent tasks, you’ll have to hire a commercial cleaning service. The challenge will be in finding one that meets all of your needs. Taking these factors into consideration can help lead you to the right commercial cleaning service for your New York City business:

Services Offered

    • First you will have to fully determine what cleaning services you do and do not need for your commercial space, and then confirm that the commercial cleaning company you’re considering is able to meet those needs. Check that they’re able to perform the cleaning tasks necessary for your business, their reputation for similar cleaning jobs, and use of proper equipment.

Equipment and Cleaning Supplies

    • Depending on their makeup, some cleaning products cause damage to people and property. Don't shy away from asking what type of cleaning supplies the staff uses to ascertain compatibility.

Training and Experience Level

    • Ideally, you want to hire a certified professional cleaning service provider. If your premises require specialized care, be sure to assess the level of experience of the commercial cleaners under consideration.


    • Professional, trained and vetted cleaners who have etiquette and know how to handle different surfaces are vital when allowing access to your business premises and/or valuable data, documents, dollars or details.


    • Establishing the costs affiliated with the commercial cleaning services your business needs, helps to determine service frequency.


    • Willingness to adapt to unique service requests like the use of eco or pet-friendly cleaning products or to provide additional services is critical.

Customer Care

  • Human help can be rare and obsolete in today’s digital age. Readily available human assistance with problems/concerns is a game changer.

Talk To Other Businesses About Their Cleaning Service

Your industry may adhere to very specific cleaning requirements. For example, a hospital or restaurant requires very specific cleaning service as anything less could be hazardous. Check with other businesses like yours to find out who they use for their commercial cleaning needs and how they went about finding the right service near you.


Are you a business owner who's been asking, 'what to look for in a commercial cleaning service in NYC?' The tips and guidelines suggested here can help you find a friendly and experienced maid service to address all the cleaning needs for your business

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Apr 07, 2023
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