What to Look for in an Office Cleaning Service

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What to Look for in an Office Cleaning Service
By: Brittany Satterfield

If you own your own business, hiring a reputable office cleaning service is a hassle-free way to maintain a clean and healthy work environment for your employees.

An in demand industry that has almost earned essential-services status, janitorial services rake in estimated annual revenues of $97 billion.

But not all cleaning and janitorial services are worth their weight in gold, so here’s some points to consider when choosing a quality office cleaning service near you:

1. Schedule Flexibility

As a business owner, you understand the significance of satisfying customers, which can sometimes involve adjusting to demands and expectations. The same principle should be applied to you when searching for the right office cleaning service.

A professional commercial cleaning service should adapt to your schedule, as you can’t afford to have cleaning tasks disrupting business operations or bothering clients. Therefore, you need an office cleaning service that works when it's convenient for you.

2. Cost 

Of course when contemplating the hire of professional cleaning services, you want to evaluate and compare costs, selecting an agency that provides the commercial cleaning services you need at a reasonable and affordable price.

While the cost of hiring professional maid services for your commercial cleaning needs may seem high at first, you’ll quickly discover maintaining high standards of cleanliness to be well worth it. Finding a cleaning service for your business that works within your budget while still meeting , or better yet exceeding your expectations is ideal.

3. Security

Commercial cleaning companies should be bonded and insured, and perform background checks on all employees. You’ll want to verify that anyone you decide to hire adheres to these guidelines prior to conducting business.

Similarly, a cleaning company must possess professional liability insurance, as accidents and injuries can happen when cleaning services are being performed. Confirm insurance coverage for your prospect to prevent any possibility of costly suits.

Finally, if your office processes sensitive documents and/or consumer information, hire professional cleaners with a proven track record of providing secure, safe, and discreet services, as you will likely be granting entry to your premises in the off-hours.

4. Ease of Communication

When hiring a reliable cleaning service, it’s important to have open lines of communication. Whether you need to relay specific instructions, reschedule or add on services, provide feedback, or communicate anything at all with your janitorial team, connecting with your commercial cleaning service provider with ease is crucial. 

Any professional cleaning service should be open with you about their cleaning process. Clear and effective communication dramatically enhances the likelihood you’ll be consistently satisfied with your service.

5. Range of Services

Always consider all of the cleaning needs for business. You may only need a quick deep clean and disinfection today, but later discover, you require extras such as window cleaning, floor waxing, and/or antibacterial spraying. 

Therefore, it’s good practice to hire a professional cleaning agency that offers a wide range of cleaning services, even when you don’t need them at that moment. This eliminates the hassle of searching for a new cleaning service company if/when you discover you need additional services at any given time.

6. Customer Reviews

It’s impossible to overstate the influence customer reviews have on a company’s reputation. Reports indicate that over 90% of buyers are more likely to conduct business with a company after reading a positive review.

Reading testimonials from previous clients is an excellent way to establish a clear sense of what it’s like working with a particular office cleaning service.


To hire the right commercial cleaning service company for your business, look for flexibility, affordability, security, dependability, variety and superiority. Or, with multiple locations across the country, bringing modern cleaning services with a personal touch to your business, find all of this and more with the proven services of eMaids


Jan 28, 2023
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