What You Need To Know About Washington DC Parks And How To Stay Safe From Covid-19

What You Need To Know About Washington DC Parks And How To Stay Safe From Covid-19
What You Need To Know About Washington DC Parks And How To Stay Safe From Covid-19
By: Emaids

Staying at home is particularly hard when you are in an astonishing place like DC. Being near the great National Mall or the Tidal Basin and not exploring their monuments and cherry blossoms trees; it’s like torture. If you’re opting for going outside, maybe searching for places to workout outdoors, you should stick to the general COVID-19 preventive measures. Also, not every park, monument, or museum is open to the public, so plan your trip with time.


First, two things you need to know about visiting Washington DC parks:

  • Some parks are open but with limitations

During the pandemic, we have to avoid crowds to stop the spreading of the virus. The local government has made a serious of actions to discourage gatherings, like the ones which tend to form around the cherry blossoms in the Tidal Basin, for example. However, the National Mall continues to be accessible, although with closed monuments and theatres. Other parks follow similar measures like Rock Creek Park, Anacostia Park, and Meridian Hill Park. We recommend you to search for the official website of the park you wish to visit to stay informed.

  • Consider exploring the park online

People want to be entertained. It’s not easy to stay at home for more than a month without something to keep our mind and curiosity occupied. If you want to learn about the DC parks, you can search online for useful and exciting information. The National Mall, for example, encourages people to take advantage of the digital resources already available online to explore the many wonders of their Memorial Parks. Visit the official site to learn more.


Now, we explain three actions to practice parks safety and avoid getting infected by CODIV-19 while you enjoy your outdoor activities.

  • Follow the general health measures

As obvious as it might seem, following the general preventive measures recommended by the Center For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is crucial and should not be ignored. While staying in parks, maintain your social distance (six feet away from other people), cover your coughs or sneezes, wear a face covering, and wash your hands for about 20 seconds after arriving home. You know the drill. But, if you want to learn more about the official preventive measures, visit the CDC official website.

  • Avoid team or close-contact sports

The DC Department of Parks and Recreation gives more details about the preventive actions we have to follow while enjoying our park. Congregating in groups of 50 persons or more, close contact with individuals outside your family unit, and practicing team sports, close contact sports, or a sharing equipment sport is firmly not advised. So, its time to not socialize in parks nor share the ball with anybody.

  • Practice “Leave No Trace” principles

Because many services are limited in the parks, the National Mall website encourages visitors to practice the “Leave No Trace” principles, a set of guidelines that you can find on their website and which are recommended throughout the year. If you’re taking things or food, pack-in and pack-out, leave nothing behind. That way, you will reduce trash accumulation and avoid leaving germs and viruses in public places.


We hope you enjoy your time out. Stay safe and protect your health. Remember that we are offering professional cleaning services to disinfect homes and prevent COVI-19. Book your service online on our website.

May 12, 2020
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