When to Hire a Professional Cleaner: Signs That You Need Help

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When to Hire a Professional Cleaner: Signs That You Need Help
By: Brittany Satterfield

Today’s modern lifestyle has people living life in the fast lane, racing to work, errands and other obligations. For many of us, this results in chores, like house cleaning, falling to the bottom of our to-do list. Shared below are some indicators that you might just need some help with cleaning and perhaps even organizing your home:

Cluttered Spaces

Some level of clutter might be expected in frequent use areas however, if you start to notice your stuff outgrowing the space it's in and filtering into new areas, loads of dirty dishes in your sink, dirty clothes piling up in the bedrooms, or even your garbage bins overflowing inside and/or outs, you may want to consider hiring some professional help.

Resting or Cleaning?

When you have to decide between resting and cleaning your house, the latter rarely wins. As this happens, the dirt and clutter in your home continue to pile up. Maybe you work long hours or double shifts, travel frequently or have a new baby, leaving little time for daily or weekly chores let alone deep cleaning. Bringing in a maid service means you’re able to rest while your spaces are cleaned and sanitized.

Stained or Discolored Toilets and Bathtubs

Frequent cleaning of sinks, toilets and bathtubs should keep them clean and clear. If staining or discoloration exists despite your regular cleaning routine, a deeper clean is necessary. Stubborn stains or rings are typically hard water or rust stains. A professional cleaning service can identify and remove stains without fixture damage.

Dirty Windows

Windows can often be forgotten, especially in homes that stand on more than one floor. These can be cleaned and polished to a clear finish, both inside and out, as part of your home cleaning service

Increased Allergic Reactions

A dirty space can cause allergic reactions because of the many triggers in it. Thick layers of dust, mold and mildew can trigger frequent sneezing, coughing and even respiratory illnesses. Support the health of your entire household with regular cleaning.

Long Neglected Areas

Perhaps you’re able to get common chores like dishes, laundry, vacuuming and mopping done but you can't do a deep clean. Cobwebs on your walls, and thick layers of dust on your baseboards, lighting fixtures, carpets and ventilation filters are all signs that you could use some help with cleaning your home.


Whatever the hindrance to your clean routine, eMaids can help. Located across the country and networks of locations increasing, you can find cleaning services near you. Just enter your zip code on the website and be directed to the location nearest you. 

eMaids dispatches crews of professionally trained maids to home and commercial spaces. Before eMaid staff members are trained, they undergo rigorous vetting which includes background checks. All cleaners on the eMaid team are bonded and insured.

Whether you need daily, bi-weekly or weekly house cleaning services or a deep cleaning is what you’re after, you’ll get a job well done with eMaids. Happy to accommodate requests like using eco or pet-friendly cleaning products, you can book your services online and preview a checklist of the precise tasks that will be taken care of. Should you have any questions or concerns, simply get in touch and they’ll be addressed. Let eMaids clean up. You handle other things or get the rest you need!

May 25, 2023
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