Where to Find Airbnb Cleaning Services Before the Spring Travel Rush

Where to Find Airbnb Cleaning Services Before the Spring Travel Rush
By: Brittany Satterfield

After what always seems to be an eternity of being cooped up indoors to escape the winter cold, you may anxiously be awaiting Spring, what some determine to be the best season to be outdoors enjoying different activities. This eagerness to get outside typically creates a rush for travel and related services. If you own an Airbnb, you’ll want to make sure it’s cleaned up, intact, and ready to maximize on the anticipated rush. 

Although a Picture is Worth a Thousand, Words are More Valuable

Standing out from other available vacation rentals in your area depends on a number of factors. Even if your Airbnb offers affordable rates, sufficient space and close proximity to beaches or other leisure amenities, it can still flop. 

In the modern digital landscape, renters rely on the photos and videos you choose to showcase your space and attract renters. Clever staging to create stunning images may be perfect for drawing attention from seeking renters, however, most renters are relying on reviews about function and cleanliness from previous renters to help decide. 

Vacation Rental Pet Peeves

Renters leave negative vacation rental reviews for different reasons. Common Airbnb complaints include:

  • Dirty towels and bed linen
  • Dusty windows and floors
  • Dirty rugs, cushion covers and other soft furnishings
  • Dusty cabinets
  • Dirty appliances, especially in the kitchen
  • Neglected areas such as behind refrigerators, stoves and other big appliances. Dirt and clutter are also commonly reported under sofas and heavier items.
  • Cobwebs and bugs 

Reliable Cleaning Yields Reputable Airbnb Reviews 

Hiring a professional and dedicated cleaning service to handle the various housekeeping needs of your residential and/or commercial properties, including your. Airbnb is a sure way to avoid the vacation rental pet peeves mentioned above. A recommended house cleaning service should offer custom services, tailored to suit different properties and their owners. A quality maid service provides hourly, daily, bi-weekly, weekly and monthly cleaning and/or disinfecting services.

Your Airbnb is different in that it requires cleaning after every stay regardless of length, even after just one day. A reputable cleaning company for your Airbnb offers services designed specifically for vacation homes. 

Not Home? No Problem

Ideally, your Airbnb is located in a popular place with attractions nearby that give you high occupancy. If this means your vacation rental property is not necessarily close in proximity, you’re likely not going to be available each time it needs cleaning between one renter leaving and the next one coming in. 

When you hire a bonded and insured cleaning company equipped with a vetted staff, you don't have to worry about being present while the housecleaning gets done. When a client is assigned an account manager to handle their cleaning needs and make arrangements, they supervise and are available to address questions and concerns.

Furthermore, it’s recommended that all members of the cleaning crew you choose have their references confirmed. Those who successfully go through this process should then undergo intensive training, learning professionalism and how to approach assorted surface types with the proper products and cleaning techniques. 

Showcase Sparkle and Shine

With a trustworthy and dependable maid service on the job, you’ll showcase your Airbnb in the best way. Requesting the use of eco and/or pet-friendly products is recommended, as it is sure to be a selling point to renters with allergies and pets. You and/or your guests determine the cleaning schedule.  A flexible cleaning service will clean your vacation rental property on a given day of the week, or every time a guest leaves. With the right maid service, you can also be sure all the linens along with every square inch of the floor are clean, as will be all appliances like the refrigerator and stove. Bathroom and kitchen faucets, cabinets and other fixtures will be well-cleaned and organized if supplies are available. Periodic deep cleans are also advised.


Have your Airbnb ready for the travel rush when you hire a cleaning service with a professional touch. Available in several parts of the country and new locations being added regularly, eMaids is highly rated by clients and offers a satisfaction guarantee. Visit eMaids online today to enter your rental’s zip code and find the closest location to your Airbnb, book cleaning services online, or chat with the team. 


Mar 10, 2023
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