Where to Find Reliable Apartment Cleaning Services in NYC

Where to Find Reliable Apartment Cleaning Services in NYC
By: Brittany Satterfield

The idea of finding a reliable and trustworthy apartment cleaning service in New York City can be daunting. However, with a little research and a few recommendations, you’ll find a cleaning service that meets your needs and expectations. This quick read highlights some of the best ways to find reliable apartment cleaning services in NYC.

Head to Google Maps

Google maps can be an extremely helpful tool in narrowing down house cleaning service options near you. Easily find reliable apartment cleaning services in New York City by typing “house cleaning services near me” into the search bar of your Google Maps app. This virtual road map not only provides instant local search results but also acts as a mini storefront, oftentimes conveying contact and website information, hours of operation, photos, ratings, reviews, and opportunities for engagement through Google Business Profiles.

Online Directories and Professional Associations

Online searches and directories can be useful in researching reliable apartment cleaning services in New York City. These directories typically list cleaning companies in a specific area, along with contact information and, sometimes, ratings and reviews.

Other resources might include the Better Business Bureau, which provides a platform for customers to submit reviews and complaints, or the local chamber of commerce. These directories generally have a rating system that allows you to see a company’s overall performance, which could be useful in determining if they are reliable.

Whatever results various search engines and directories provide, you’ll want to confirm your chosen cleaning company is bonded and insured and employees are vetted.

Lastly, carefully consider the home cleaning services each cleaning company on your shortlist offers, along with pricing and availability to ensure the service provider meets your specific needs. Some service sites even allow you to easily book services online.

Get Recommendations

Recommendations from family, friends, and even coworkers can be very helpful in finding reliable apartment cleaning services in New York City, giving you first-hand information about experiences with cleaning companies from people you trust.

For instance, whether or not the cleaning service you’re considering is punctual and reliable, employees are courteous and professional, and the quality of the cleaning is satisfactory can all be confirmed through these personal reviews.

When asking for a recommendation, you can inquire about specific cleaning tasks to help determine if the cleaning company meets your needs. It's more likely that someone you know will be honest with you about their experience. They would also be able to share any problems that came up, and how the cleaning service resolved them.

When seeking referrals and reviews, find out if the house cleaning service is still being used and whether or not the maid service has been consistent over time. Keep an open mind, as it’s possible those you poll may have new housekeeping service recommendations in the area for you to consider.


The online marketplace, search engines and directories, and word of mouth reviews from people around you, are just some ways you can find reputable cleaning services that meet your needs. It's important to consider costs, services available and confirm the best cleaning service you choose for your home is bonded and insured. Start your research for fast, comprehensive, professional apartment cleaning services in NYC with the best cleaning company in the city, offering a satisfaction guarantee, eMaids, modern cleaning services with a modern touch,and cleaning experience you can click on.


Mar 03, 2023
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