Why Hiring a Vacation Rental Cleaner is Worth it

Why Hiring a Vacation Rental Cleaner is Worth it
By: Brittany Satterfield

If you’re a property owner drawing income from it as a vacation rental, then the upkeep and maintenance is up to you. Regardless of how long they may plan to stay, your renters expect, deserve, and pay to arrive at a clean and sanitized vacation space

Choosing to build or buy a vacation rental property in or near a location with attractions or amenities that attract travelers can optimize your income. Close proximity to an airport, beach, railway station or other amenity can make your property attractive or convenient to rent.

Maintaining the housekeeping in your vacation rental can be a struggle when the property isn’t located near your primary residence. Your Airbnb might be in a different town, or even a different state altogether. Still, the property must be clean for the next renter following the departure of the previous. Even under circumstances where your rental property isn’t too far away from your home, availability to clean your rental property when a guest leaves, and before the next one arrives can be a problem. This can be even more true for large/spacious or multi-property owners who can find it really troublesome to keep up with the task of cleaning these vacation rentals yourself. 

Keeping Your Vacation Rental Clean and Ready

Ideally, your vacation home should be ready for occupancy within hours of a guest leaving. Having a reliable cleaning service on speed dial can make this possible. Keep your property renter-ready by having a reputable cleaning service handle this cleaning regularly. This approach can eliminate having to spend time looking to book cleaning services whenever a renter leaves.

Settling on a service provider to handle your house cleaning can also offer advantages:

  • House cleaners work with a checklist so you are clear on what is included in terms of weekly or more detailed cleaning.
  • Additional services such as disinfecting or plant watering can also be requested. If a cleaning company also accommodates requests for the use of eco-friendly or pet-friendly cleaning products, you may want to offer these as selling points.
  • Confidence that you’re working with trustworthy cleaning professionals who will do the job right and handle your renters cordially in their company.
  • You can create a good first impression with a clean and orderly vacation rental space. An ample supply of clean items like bed linen and towels is also appreciated. This type of client care earns you great reviews and mouth-to-mouth references, which can increase your income. 

eMaids of Volusia County

If your vacation rental property is in or near the region of Deltona–Daytona Beach–Ormond Beach in the Florida Metropolitan Statistical Area,  eMaids of Volusia County is the cleaning service you can count on. Located in Ormond Beach, the company offers house cleaning services for your vacation rental. Book services quickly and easily online per your needs and preferences or those of your renters. If renters prefer to clean the rental space themselves or have it performed weekly, that can be done. One-time house cleaning prior to new arrivals can be organized as well.

Premium cleaning services should be performed by professionals who are first rigorously vetted and then trained in-house. Additionally, they must be bonded and insured. Customer reviews and ratings should always indicate your cleaning team performs as expected, and whenever they fall short, any issue is quickly addressed.


You can conveniently book cleaning for your vacation home online. Simply fill out an easy form regarding your property details to request your estimate. Choose eMaids of Volusia County, book your housekeeping services in less than one minute online, and relax in the knowledge that your renters will always step into a clean, orderly home.

Feb 27, 2023
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