Why You Should Consider Housecleaning Services for Your Sick Friend and Where to Find Them

Why You Should Consider Housecleaning Services for Your Sick Friend and Where to Find Them
By: Brittany Satterfield

When a family member or friend is unwell, the priority is to get the necessary medical attention. Depending on the problem being faced, your sick loved one could be away from home for a day or more to get treatment. If the condition is serious, keeping up with the regular daily routine can be difficult, let alone maintaining upkeep on the housecleaning. This type of challenge can be particularly tricky if there are young ones in the home that need tending to in addition to trying to keep the home clean. 

Maid Services to the Rescue 

eMaids rescues your sick loved ones from the responsibilities of cleaning the house and allows more time to focus on recovery. When home cleaning services are undertaken by a crew of skilled and dedicated cleaners, healing can take place in a sterile and serene environment. This modern cleaning company is different. Easy-to-use technology makes booking housecleaning services easy and convenient. 

Available in locations throughout the United States, each location has its own local management so appointments are handled by a nearby professional cleaning team.


Whether the home is occupied during the times that the services of cleaning the house are needed, or an ill loved one has been confined to a hospital for treatment, you can count on eMaids to get the job done. Every home cleaner employed by the company goes through a rigorous vetting process which includes background and reference checks, so you can trust your belongings are safe. 

eMaids believes that sending a regular maid to perform requested housecleaning services is best for the client whenever possible. Homeowners are often more confident following a positive experience, and the maid for hire is familiar with the home and what the client expects. However, if the usual housecleaner is not available when a request for services is made, another one can be sent to fulfill the job request. Every client has an account manager who supervises the cleaning crew to ensure everything is done to the expected standard.


You can be sure that all of your belongings are handled with care when the cleaning service provider is properly bonded and insured and performs complete background checks on all employees. 

Safe Products 

When considering hiring a professional service to clean your home, a common question is whether the company uses its own cleaning products or if these are the responsibility of the client to provide. eMaids provides their own cleaning products that are safe for you and your home. Additionally, requests for green or eco-friendly products can be accommodated for those who just prefer them or suffer from allergies.

Pet Friendly

Today four-legged, furry members of the family and other pets are commonplace in houses across the country. Experienced maids in your area will treat them well and commit to using pet-friendly or chemical-free cleaning products. A trained and professional cleaning crew is also adept at removing pet hair and dander from not only seats and carpets, but in the nooks and crannies they accumulate in a well. 

Frequency Flexibility

Having tasks handled for a loved one such as those involved with house cleaning can be an immense burden lifted off a person dealing with sickness, and also promotes healing in a clean environment. Service requests such as deep or thorough cleaning which include sanitization can be made. Satisfying whatever professional maid service needs you might have, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly service requests are accepted.


Offering service locations from coast to coast, it's easy to find housecleaning services near you and book online. The gift of a clean home to an ill friend is practical and thoughtful. eMaids is happy to make you and your loved ones happy. Learn more today!

Jan 08, 2023
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